Whether it's at anniversaries, baby showers, or just another Thursday, sharing old childhood photos always drums up some good ole nostalgic fun. This is especially true when it's crafted into a game of guessing who the young darling actually is. We at Gossip Cop are constantly checking in with celebrities, and in our recent scrolling found a true gem posted to Instagram.

What initially jumped out to us was the ambiguity of the photo. It appears that the photo was snapped when this star was around 6-years-old, sporting a gap-tooth smile and charming dimples. The attire screams '70s, with the brown plaid button-up shirt and mustard yellow overalls. The highlight is definitely the shaggy bowl-cut hairdo, with the uneven bang line and various lengths around the head. Even the poster of said photo joked in their caption:

SometimesThe8DollarHaircutWorked #SometimesItDidnt

The beginning of the post, with Thanksgiving just behind us, is all about being thankful, and for this star, they let us all know how grateful they are today for their wonderful hairstylist. And based on this photo, we have to agree!

So, Who Is This Cutie?

We'll give you one more chance to analysis the photo more closely for yourself in all its glory.

Jennifer Garner as a child

Alright, time's up! And now for the big reveal...

Young Jennifer Garner side by side with a more recent red carpet photo
(Instagram / Tinseltown/Shutterstock.com)

That's right, this is a photo of a young Jennifer Garner. The 48-year-old Texas native has talked quite a bit about her conservative upbringing, once saying in an interview that her family growing up were "practically Amish." That would explain a lot about this haircut, which almost looks like a young Garner did to herself. But it certainly adds to the endearing fun of this school yearbook pic, and Garner's signature dimples still shine through.

So, did you guess right? Let us know in the comments!


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