Cameron Diaz and Nicole Richie did not force their husbands, Good Charlotte rockers Benji and Joel Madden, to make a new album and go on tour, despite a bogus report. Gossip Cop can correct this phony story. There's plenty of proof to debunk it.

According to RadarOnline, Diaz and Richie were sick of their husbands being "lazy" and "sitting around the house all day," so they insisted the two record a new album and take Good Charlotte on the road again. An alleged insider claims the Madden brothers didn't make new music "by choice," but were instead "henpecked" by their wives into getting back to work.

The supposed source goes on to say that Diaz and Richie were tired of their husbands sitting home and "raiding the refrigerator," but the rockers made the album with hesitation because they're concerned that "no one cares about Good Charlotte anymore." The alleged tipster concludes, "The guys are worried they're going to be a laughingstock."

This entire storyline is provably untrue. When Good Charlotte announced their new album Generation Rx back in May, the band explained that it was inspired by the opioid crisis. According to the Maddens, they came up with the idea to write music about the epidemic after performing a memorial service for late rapper Lil Peep, who died of a drug overdose earlier this year.

"We wondered if we were really doing our part," Good Charlotte said in a statement. "We wanted to get back out there on the battlefield and spread insight, share experience, and give anything we could to improve lives."

Meanwhile, the idea that Diaz was frustrated with her husband for taking a break from music isn't true either. People reported earlier this year that Diaz is "very happy" staying out of the spotlight and spending alone time with her husband. "The quiet life she lives now with Benji, she wanted for a long time," a source told the reputable publication. It's also worth noting, Diaz announced in March that she has retired from acting, adding, "I'm literally doing nothing." The actress clearly has no issue with the idea of not working.

Conclusion: RadarOnline alleges that the Madden brothers were forced into producing new music against their will, but the boys explained that they made Generation Rx to address the opioid crisis. Additionally, sources close to Diaz told a more reliable publication that she's perfectly content staying home with her husband. The blog's explanation behind Good Charlotte's decision to release an album and go on tour is simply false.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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