OK! Has No Idea Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden Already Got Married

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Cameron Diaz Wedding

By Daniel Gates |

Cameron Diaz Wedding


OK! just got caught in an embarrassing cover story misfire. The magazine apparently went to press before Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden’s surprise wedding on Monday, because the outlet printed elaborate and completely fictional speculation about Diaz and Madden’s alleged plans for a “small spring ceremony in Napa Valley.” Oops. Um, the wedding already happened. Looks like OK! missed the party.

According to a source for OK!, “Cameron is 42, and having a baby finally feels like the right thing to do. There’s a chance the wedding and baby could happen all at once!” Wrong, try again. Diaz got married on Monday. She didn’t have a baby. “Sources say Cam and Benji have been trying to conceive naturally but will be open to IVF in six months or so,” explains another tabloid insider. “Neither of them wants to waste any time.” Well, they certainly didn’t waste any time getting married. Because that’s what they did on Monday. Too bad OK! has terrible sources who didn’t know that.

“Insiders” for the magazine explain that “Cam has made up her mind to have a small spring ceremony in Napa Valley; not to invite onetime BFF Drew Barrymore (whose disapproval of the relationship has ’caused a firestorm,’ says a source); and to forgo a prenuptial agreement.” Ah, so this is why OK! invented a phony spring wedding for Diaz: to squeeze in some bogus Barrymore feud.

It’s really too bad for OK! that Diaz already got married, with Barrymore as a bridesmaid. Oh, and it was in Beverly Hills, not Napa Valley. Oops. It’s almost as if OK! has horrible sources who feed the outlet terrible information!


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