Calvin Harris Suing For Defamation Over “Happy Ending” Cheating Stories

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Calvin Harris Suing Happy Ending

By Andrew Shuster |

Calvin Harris Suing Happy Ending

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Calvin Harris is threatening to sue all the outlets that falsely claimed he cheated on Taylor Swift by getting a “happy ending” at a Thai massage parlor. On Monday, Harris tweeted, “It’s not going to be a ‘happy ending’ for everyone I sue for defamation of character for all these bull[expletive] stories bye bye.”

As Gossip Cop reported earlier, RadarOnline posted an entirely untrue story that claimed Swift “dumped” Harris after allegedly discovering he had gotten sexual services at a massage parlor in L.A. The fabricated claim was subsequently picked up and spread by several outlets that didn’t bother to fact-check the story.

Gossip Cop, of course, was the first outlet to say it was false. Additionally, Swift’s own rep tweeted before Harris threat, “I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again, do not believe Radar Online.”

As we pointed out in our initial debunking, RadarOnline’s report was also horribly racist. The site essentially stated that getting a Thai massage equals receiving a “happy ending.”

Gossip Cop looked into the situation, and we can confirm that the massage parlor at the center of this phony story is a very reputable business that offers legitimate therapeutic massages and nothing more. In fact, the parlor may arguably have a claim against outlets that wrongly reported Harris got a “happy ending” at its establishment.

We will update if Swift weighs in on the situation, and as the story further develops.


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