Calvin Harris Blasts ‘Daily Mail’ Over Fake Tweet About Avril Lavigne And Taylor Swift

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Calvin Harris Fake Tweet Avril Lavigne Taylor Swift

By Shari Weiss |

Calvin Harris Fake Tweet Avril Lavigne Taylor Swift

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Calvin Harris is blasting the Daily Mail for publishing a fake tweet he supposedly sent to Avril Lavigne in defense of girlfriend Taylor Swift.

As Gossip Cop reported, Swift and Lavigne became tied together earlier this week after a Tumblr post compared the way Swift gets up close and personal with her fans to photos of Lavigne and other music stars awkwardly keeping their distance during meet and greets. After Swift supposedly “liked” the post, Lavigne tweeted, “Comparison is judging and judging a person does not define who they are it defines who you are. We all Love our fans.”

Lavigne further shared a photo collage showing many times she happily posed with fans, and added, “So let’s keep it all about the love and stay positive.” But while Swift never directly commented on the comparison, it was alleged on Monday night that Harris had tweeted and then deleted a dig at Lavigne. And given that Harris did weigh in last week during the social media scuffle with Swift, Miley Cyrus, and Zayn Malik, it seems the Daily Mail and outlets accepted screengrabs of deejay’s purported new tweet as the real deal.

The alleged message in question read, “She didn’t judge you she doesn’t anyone! She was only having fun with her fans, not trying to compare you.” But Harris set the record straight on Tuesday afternoon, tweeting, “I’m not in favour of photoshopping fake tweets and then running them on your news outlet daily mail etc that’s really f*cked up.” The Scottish EDM star then sent a tweet that said “Run this,” accompanied by a photo of British doctor Chris Steele with the words “Don’t @ me” scrawled on it.

Harris finished by touting his success on the iTunes global singles chart, writing, “Meanwhile in all my favorite countries.” TELL US: What do you think of Harris calling out the Daily Mail and seemingly staying out of the Lavigne-Swift dustup?


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