Caleb ‘Little Big Shots’ Finale Video: 4-Year-Old Worship Leader Returns – WATCH

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Caleb Little Big Shots

By Shari Weiss |

Caleb Little Big Shots


Caleb, a 4-year-old worship leader, returned for the “Little Big Shots” season finale on Wednesday. Watch the video below!

“Little Big Shots” is like “America’s Got Talent” for kids, but without the competitive aspect. Talented and unique children are invited on to the program to show host Steve Harvey and a studio audience their charming, funny personalities and unusual skills. Unsurprisingly, the show was spearheaded by the genius Ellen DeGeneres.

Caleb first appeared on a season two episode in early March. Despite his very, very young age, he amusingly confirmed to Harvey that he was “famous” and had already been on TV “for a lot of years.” He adorably gave credit to his grandfather for teaching him how to sing in church, and had the host in stitches as he fiddled with his wardrobe and microphone. Caleb then led everyone in song and chant.

Now for his second appearance, Caleb asked everyone to stand as he led the audience in a spirited rendition of “This Little Light Of Mine.” Backed by a gospel choir, he even left the stage to get closer to the crowd. “Hallelujah,” he declared at the end. A hilarious outtake from the taping showed Harvey and Caleb also resumed their banter.

As they argued about how close he was to falling off the stage, the comedian exclaimed, “You are a lawsuit, boy!” Watch Caleb’s first and second “Little Big Shots” appearances below!


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