Caitlyn And Kris Jenner Ending Feud To Do Reality Show For Money Is Fake News

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Caitlyn Kris Jenner Reality Series

By Michael Lewittes |

Caitlyn Kris Jenner Reality Series

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Caitlyn and Kris Jenner are not ending their “feud” to do a reality show together, just so that they can make a ton of money. Gossip Cop has learned an article claiming that is nothing more than fake news. We’re exclusively told it’s simply “not true.”

RadarOnline, which has a well-documented history of publishing inaccurate Caitlyn Jenner stories, has posted yet another totally off-base article about her and her ex-wife Kris. The often disproven site alleges Kris and Caitlyn “have called a truce, so that they both can make more money.” After glossing over their “stormy relationship,” the outlet contends that ever since the former Olympian’s show, “I Am Cait,” was canceled, she “wants a new one and she needs ‘Mom-ager’ Kris to help her find the winning formula.”

Naturally, the repeatedly discredited outlet has a so-called “source” who maintains, “Caitlyn has been encouraged to pitch the show to Bravo and E! and she wants the process to go smoothy. She knows that Kris could be a huge asset.” “Any inclusion of Kris and her family in the show could be very lucrative for both parties,” adds the unnamed “source.”

Curiously, the webloid’s purported insider has zero insight into what the alleged reality series would be about. And yet readers are supposed to believe that dubious source’s claims about Kris being involved and the two putting their “feud” aside for what the site terms their “new cash cow reality show.” On the subject of cows: Gossip Cop sure smells a lot of bull in the site’s article.

Then, out of nowhere, RadarOnline adds a completely unrelated sentence about Caitlyn allegedly eyeing “a couple of special projects” that include her “going to Washington D.C. to stir-up the social scene” as well as her going “back to school to earn a degree.” Much like the premise about Kris and Caitlyn making peace so they can make “a ton of money” on an unspecified reality show, the other non-sequitors about her returning to school and becoming a Washington socialite are also made-up. A rep for Caitlyn assures Gossip Cop the latest manufactured story by the website is “not true,” and a Kris confidante also tells us it’s fake news.

Gossip Cop has busted the outlet on many occasions for its seemingly fabricated tales about Caitlyn. For instance, we recently exposed to the webloid for falsely claiming Caitlyn was looking to date a hot boy toy. Gossip Cop also nailed the site a couple of times in the past few years for wrongly reporting that Caitlyn has adoption plans. Neither of those claims nor the latest about Caitlyn and Kris teaming up for a show bear any reality.