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Has Caitlyn Jenner given up the will to live? A new article in a tabloid claims the reality-star “can’t go on.” Gossip Cop, however, has gotten to the bottom of this suspicious tale. Here’s what we’ve uncovered.

Caitlyn Jenner Has Given Up On Life?

According to a new article in the National Enquirer, Jenner has hit a low point. The tabloid’s insiders fear that Jenner is "lonely and depressed" but then also insults the former athlete by calling her a “sex-swapping” reality star. From the way the story starts off, it doesn’t seem as if the magazine or its “insiders” have any sympathy for Jenner. Yet, the source states, “Caitlyn made a massive life change a few years ago when she transitioned, but now she feels completely isolated and lonely from her family, can’t find any romance, and is unhappy with her looks.”

The supermarket tabloid adds that Jenner couldn’t feel any lower. The story then notes how Jenner is allegedly estranged from the Kardashian family and how was she reportedly “friend-zoned” by her live-in assistant, Sophia Hutchins. “Caitlyn has had to watch as Sophia watches brings her dates home. Meanwhile, she still hasn’t found anyone for herself,” adds the unnamed insider. The source further states Jenner fears she may also be suffering from skin cancer and hates to look at herself in the mirror. The story suggests with “everything going so horribly off course in her life” insiders whisper she may have lost the will to live. “She thought her life would be wine and roses,” says the tipster, adding, “The reality is far from what she dreamed.”

The Truth Is That Caitlyn Jenner Is Just Fine

Gossip Cop isn't sure why the tabloids continue to attack Jenner by depicting her in such demeaning ways. After doing some investigating on this suspicious story, we've discovered the Enquirer doesn’t have the slightest insight into Jenner’s life. Gossip Cop spoke to a spokesperson for Jenner, who assures us the television personality is “happy" with herself and her life. We also doubt the words of the Enquirer’s “insider” if they refer to Jenner as a “sex-swapping” reality-star. That doesn’t sound like words from someone who is “concerned” about Jenner’s well-being or is even remotely acquainted with her.

Additionally, this isn’t the first insensitive and demeaning piece the Enquirer had written about Jenner. Two months ago, we busted the unreliable tabloid for claiming Caitlyn Jenner’s body was falling apart. The ridiculous story purported Jenner “hated” how she looks and that all the surgeries she’s had on her body were “failing” her. Gossip Cop ran the story by a spokesperson for Jenner who confirmed the piece was fabricated.

Last September, the Enquirer alleged Jenner was panicking because her plastic surgeries backfired. The tabloid’s theme of Jenner looking “terrible” was even used back then. Gossip Cop corrected the phony piece at the time after being told by a rep that the story was made up.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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