Caitlyn Jenner Weight Gain “Breakdown” Claim NOT True

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Caitlyn Jenner Weight Gain

By Shari Weiss |

Caitlyn Jenner Weight Gain

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Caitlyn Jenner is not having a “breakdown” over alleged weight gain, despite a new report sensationalizing the transgender star’s transition. Gossip Cop can bust the exploitative story.

“Blowing Up! Caitlyn Jenner ‘Horrified’ Over Excessive Weight Gain,” blares a headline from RadarOnline on Monday. According to the purported “exclusive,” the former Olympian “can’t stop gaining weight.” It’s specifically claimed Jenner is “in the midst of a breakdown over her new figure — and doesn’t know what to do!”

So-called “sources” are quoted as telling the site, “Caitlyn’s not sure if her treatments are working right and she’s having a meltdown over her changing shape. She’s supposed to look more feminine as time goes by, but she fears the opposite is happening.”

Tellingly, it’s not said what “treatments” Jenner is supposedly undergoing, but the tipsters go on to allege, “Her waistline has definitely thickened and she’s had to go up two notches in her belt. She thinks she looks like a builder now and no matter what she does, exercise, diet, even hula-hoops, it’s not getting any better.”

“Her doc insists it’s all normal and she needs to do more crunches, but Caitlyn already does 150 a day, so she’s not convinced it’s her,” claims the webloid’s supposed insiders. “She’d love to get it all lipo’d away, but it’s not flab — it’s all solid muscle. She’s in a real bind over what to do — she’s horrified at how her body’s changing.”

The real horror is how RadarOnline tries to cover up what amounts to a borderline-transphobic body-shaming story with fake concern. It’s all the more galling that these claims come from the same disreputable outlet that’s been caught lying about the star on numerous occasions. Back in June, it was falsely said Jenner planned to have a baby through surrogacy, and last year, it was wrongly claimed Jenner was “secretly married” to Candis Cayne.

The outlet continues to run stories related to Jenner’s gender transition, and yet they all happen to be inaccurate. Now a rep for Jenner confirms to Gossip Cop that RadarOnline is once again stirring the pot with a story that doesn’t match reality. Can’t say we’re surprised. By the way, that’s Jenner pictured above two weeks ago. She looks pretty darn good.

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Caitlyn Jenner is having a breakdown over gaining weight.

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