Caitlyn Jenner: It “Bothers Me” That I Still Sound Like A Man

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Caitlyn Jenner voice ESPYs

By Minyvonne Burke |

Caitlyn Jenner voice ESPYs

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Caitlyn Jenner admits it “bothers” her that she still sounds like a man, despite transitioning from male to female earlier this year.

In a new WhoSay blog post on Monday, Jenner confesses it was hard to watch last week’s ESPYs speech back because her voice isn’t quite as feminine as she’d like. “It was a little difficult for me to watch myself. While I felt like I looked great and that the gown looked fabulous, I still have a voice issue,” says Jenner. “It’s not quite right compared to my feminine appearance. That bothers me a little bit.”

Jenner, however, said she hopes people won’t focus on “the pitch” of her voice, but will instead pay more attention to what she said during her acceptance speech for the Arthur Ashe Courage Award. “There is so much misunderstanding of this community that I’m in. People don’t understand trans issues or gender identity issues,” explains Jenner. “Now I’m in a position to try to explain it to people, to try to get them to understand that these are serious issues that affect a lot of people. That’s what my mission has been from the beginning and I hope that I achieved that at the ESPYs.”

The former Olympic athlete also reveals that reading her speech from a teleprompter was especially difficult because she was dyslexic as a child, and her “biggest fear in life” was reading in front of people. “That’s why all of my speaking engagements through the years have been always off the cuff,” says Jenner, adding, “But at the ESPYs, I really had to stick to the prompter because I only had a certain number of minutes to make it right, to get my points across.”

She continued, “I practiced, and practiced, and practiced, and practiced to make sure I’d nail it… For me to go out in front of a group like that and to do the whole thing off of the teleprompter was huge.”

Still, Jenner reveals there were certain moments in her speech where she did “improvise” a little, like when she joked at the beginning about how she now understands how difficult it is for women to get ready for an awards show. Jenner now says, “What a week. Let me just start by saying, I’m so happy it’s over! What a relief.”

“Getting up there on stage in front of the whole world was no easy feat, but I so appreciate your encouragement and love,” concludes Jenner. “We’re changing hearts and minds one at a time.”


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