Caitlyn Jenner Abandoned By Transgender Friends?

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Caitlyn Jenner Transgender Friends

By Andrew Shuster |

Caitlyn Jenner Transgender Friends

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Have all of Caitlyn Jenner’s transgender friends really abandoned her? That’s the claim in one of this week’s new tabloids, which says the former Olympian leads a very lonely life. Gossip Cop, however, can set the record straight.

Jenner has had a strained relationship with the Kardashian family since the release of her memoir The Secrets of My Life, in which she makes a number of scathing accusations about ex-wife Kris. The reality star was consequently shunned by most of the Kardashian clan, aside from daughters Kendall and Kylie, and an article in the latest issue of the National Enquirer contends her friends have now also turned their backs on her.

A so-called “source” tells the magazine, “Caitlyn is basically all alone. She has very little to zero contact with her family, and all the transgender girls she met through her reality show have left her, too.” The questionable source adds, “She is turning into a very lonely old woman who has almost no one in her life.” But Gossip Cop is told this is simply incorrect.

Although it’s true that Jenner isn’t on good terms with some of her family members, the tabloid’s assertion that she’s been dumped by her pals is simply false. A source close to the former Olympic champion tells Gossip Cop she has many friends in the transgender community, and the outlet’s claim otherwise is completely “untrue.” Of course, the Enquirer has published several bogus stories about the reality star, so this latest fabrication isn’t surprising.

Gossip Cop recently busted the publication for falsely claiming Jenner spoils her dog with an extravagant lifestyle. Shortly before that made-up article, we called out the tabloid for wrongly reporting Jenner’s memoir was becoming a TV movie. This latest story about the reality star being abandoned by her friends is equally bogus.

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