Caitlyn Jenner “The View” Interview On Memoir, Kris Jenner And Donald Trump (VIDEO)

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Caitlyn Jenner The View Video

By Shari Weiss |

Caitlyn Jenner The View Video


Caitlyn Jenner discussed her memoir, Kris Jenner, Donald Trump and even O.J. Simpson on “The View” on Wednesday. Watch below.

As Gossip Cop has reported, Jenner’s new book, The Secrets Of My Life, was released this week. After the star made her entrance on “The View” stage to thunderous applause, she deadpanned, “Anything new with you guys? Just a couple of things [with me]. Nothing major.”

“I absolutely have no secrets left,” Jenner happily declared. But, noting the talk show’s promo teasers focused on Kris and Simpson, the transgender star clarified, “This is not a tabloid book, okay? It’s a book of my story. And of course the tabloids are going to run with one or two sentences. And it’s also not a political book.”

She stressed, “This book is a story about my journey, all the things I dealt with in my life as far as my identity. Everybody has their stuff.” That said, the co-hosts still wanted to talk about the memoir’s revelations, as well as about Trump. Goldberg asked, “How can you guide the new guy?”

Jenner reaffirmed her Republican beliefs, delighting Jedediah Bila, but acknowledged, “I know they’re not as good when it comes to LGBT issues.” There was a funny moment then when the Olympian started a sentence, “When he first came out,” prompting Behar to amusingly ask about the president, “Oh, did he come out?” The comedienne went on to seriously ask if Jenner would vote for Trump again.

“Three and a half years from now is light years in America. Let’s see where we’re at,” she responded, adding, “Do I regret doing it? I don’t know yet. On that [LGBT] issue, I regret doing it.” But Jenner then pointed out the issues on which she does agree with Trump, such as a conservative on the Supreme Court and the U.S. showing might to foreign countries.

After a commercial break, Goldberg brought up Jenner’s name change, prompting her to remark, “That’s one of the most difficult things in life. Can you imagine trying to name yourself?” She recalled telling stepdaughter Kim Kardashian her new name, and Kim being relieved, “Thank god you stayed with the Ks!” Of course, Jenner actually uses a C.

Jenner further discussed “male privilege,” and how it’s seen in the transgender community, admitting, “I still have little Bruce living inside.” And then after all that, Sara Haines finally broached the subject of Kris and Caitlyn’s drama. Jenner exclaimed, “Uht oh, here you go.” After watching a clip from last week’s “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” in which Kris slammed her former husband for the book, Caitlyn said they still haven’t spoken about it, but did want to call her.

“We had 23 great years together. The last few were a little tough. We mutually decided to go our separate directions,” she told the panelists, pointing out, “This is my story. This is not her story… This is the way I saw things in my life. I say so many nice things about her in the book. But her perception of what happened and my perception of what happened is different.”

She admitted she “wishes” her ex-wife “hadn’t gone that way on the show, but it’s a reality show.” Check out the videos below.

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