Stories purporting to feature "exclusive" details about Caitlyn Jenner undergoing gender reassignment surgery were made up by HollywoodLife. Gossip Cop can expose the fabrications. We're told the articles are all "creative fiction."

As Gossip Cop reported, earlier this week an alleged excerpt of Jenner's upcoming memoir was circulated online, revealing the transgender star underwent gender confirmation surgery. A rep for the former Olympian declined to comment on whether the reported quotes were accurate. But despite Jenner's camp understandably wanting to keep the details of such a health procedure private, HollywoodLies claimed to have exclusive information about the medical decision.

After first regurgitating the alleged quotes from Jenner's book, the webloid ran three follow-up stories. The first, published on Wednesday, announced the site had "EXCLUSIVELY learned that she's happier than ever." A so-called "source" was quoted as saying the "I Am Cait" star "can die happy knowing that she did what she needed to do."

That was followed on Friday by a post asserting Jenner's surgery "hashed up deep emotions for Kanye West," whose mom died during a cosmetic procedure. This tale was all about West's alleged reaction to the LGBT activist going under the knife. A supposed source "EXCLUSIVELY revealed" to the blog that "Kanye wants Cait to be happy, but he's hoping that she's finished with all of her procedures."

Later that day came the third piece, in which the outlet blared in a headline, "Caitlyn Jenner's Reassignment Surgery: Inside Her 'Reclusive' Healing Process." In the accompanying story, the online publication claimed to have "EXCLUSIVE details inside how she kept it a secret from her family." The alleged "insider" in this one maintained "she did not really discuss it with her immediate family" and was very "private" after the surgery was done.

But all of these stories, Gossip Cop is told, were manufactured. We've repeatedly confirmed that HollywoodLies does not have access to Jenner's camp, and still doesn't today, despite the references to "sources" and "insiders." These articles are only "exclusives" because they were exclusive made up.

It's yet another example of the webloid taking a hot topic and crafting posts around it. This is done so the site can appear to have authority to both readers and Google by publishing original content. But this alleged insight is usually pulled from nowhere, and that's the case here. A rep for Jenner exclusively tells Gossip Cop that HollywoodLies' stories are nothing but "creative fiction." The outlet is making assumptions and publishing fake information as if it was real and factual. That is not journalism.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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