Caitlyn Jenner Sports Illustrated Cover Reaction

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Caitlyn Jenner Sports Illustrated Cover Reaction

By Shari Weiss |

Caitlyn Jenner Sports Illustrated Cover Reaction

(Sports Illustrated)

Caitlyn Jenner’s long-rumored Sports Illustrated cover was unveiled on Tuesday, along with an in-depth interview and a 20-minute film. The transgender star appears on the magazine’s cover in a sparkly jumpsuit, with her Olympic gold medal around her neck. The package was designed to celebrate 40 years since Jenner’s victory, and now many are sounding off about it on social media.

“So excited to relive my gold medal journey with @SINow! Can’t believe it’s been 40 years,” Jenner herself tweeted. One proud fan responded, “AND! I was right there in the audience when you won your medal.” @Soccerald4 simply replied, “you go girl!”

@seccabevens commented, “Love your fashion on this cover — so relaxed too.” @kyem74 also wrote, “Congrats Ms Jenner. Looking beautiful, as usual. SI keep up the support. Thank you.” And @W54Jo tweeted, “Real golden lady. Keep on doing the good things. Love from Finland.”

But, unsurprisingly, there were also a number of negative reactions. @WDWVacationer asked, “Do we really need an SI ‘Where Are They Now’ about Caitlyn Jenner? We all know what happened there.” @jackson_sandell argued, “Bruce won the medal, not Caitlyn…” And on Instagram, the Sports Illustrated post on Jenner’s cover was filled with offensive comments, and a number of people actually threatened to unsubscribe.

“Well I guess this is the end of our relationship si,” said @pistonescrapprocessing. @gatlincoleman70 wrote, “Please don’t send me this copy.” @_steve74 declared, “Unfollowed and I’m unsubscribing my sports illustrated account.”

In one of the tamer comments, user @ricarcastillo_ said, “For this crap I should follow E! Or any gossip page but sports illustrated????? Come on, nobody wants to know about him or her.” But fellow SI follower @___its.mariii___ fired back, “You people hating on this are absolutely disgusting.”

She went on, “It’s one issue where you don’t get to see your precious over glorified men throwing a ball around get over it. Caitlyn used to be an athlete so it is telling you about sports. And it’s awful that you losers are hating on her for being who she wants to be and being happy about it. This is what’s wrong with the world.”

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