Caitlyn Jenner NOT Spending $50,000 A Week On Sophia Hutchins, Despite Report

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Caitlyn Jenner Money Sophia Hutchins

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Caitlyn Jenner Money Sophia Hutchins

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Caitlyn Jenner is not spending $50,000 a week on Sophia Hutchins, despite a report. The untrue story comes from a site that has spread a lot of false claims about the star. Gossip Cop can bust this latest one.

According to RadarOnline, Jenner is “spending the big bucks to keep her gal pal sweet.” A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “Caitlyn is spending an absolute fortune on Sophia.” This is said to include “drinks and dinners at the nicest restaurants in town,” as well as “jewelry and handbags.” Contends the website, “But it’s not just that she’s showering her with gifts. She’s also given Hutchins her own credit card and a weekly allowance.” Curiously, it’s not said for how much is the “weekly allowance.”

Still, “Sophia is using Caitlyn’s cash to deck out her wardrobe with designer clothes and get her hair and nails done every week,” claims the blog’s supposed snitch, who alleges Jenner is footing the bill for “facials and massages,” too, which are said to cost “thousands.” Maintains this purported tipster, “This is costing Caitlyn at least $50,000 each week but she thinks nothing of this weird arrangement. She’s desperate for Sophia to stick around and this is her way of sealing the deal.”

Let’s look at this logically: $50,000 a week adds up to $2.6 million a year. While Jenner is rumored to be worth around $100 million, it’s a bit far-fetched to think she’s shelling out nearly $3 million a year just to keep Hutchins happy. That said, Jenner and Hutchins are regularly seen stepping out for lunch and dinner, and they often travel together as well. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that the former Olympian covers the finances for these outings.

But again: $2.6 million a year for Hutchins to live a glam lifestyle with jewelry, handbags, manicures and massages? A rep for Jenner, understandably unwilling to discuss the specifics of the star’s financial situation, nonetheless insists this $50,000-a-week narrative is “false.” And readers should keep in mind that RadarOnline has a documented history of spreading outrageous falsehoods about the former athlete.

In fact, just last month Gossip Cop pointed out that a full year has passed since the site wrongly claimed Jenner was going to adopt a child. Other bogus tales that we’ve debunked and time has proven are untrue include nonsense about getting back together with Kris Jenner, dating a “hot young boy toy,” being “secretly married” to Candis Cayne and becoming a model. These past phony stories indicate the blog simply isn’t credible and shouldn’t be trusted.


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