Caitlyn Jenner and her pal Sophia Hutchins have been under a microscope since the two ladies began their friendship. Now the two live together, which only inflamed rumors about their relationship. There has been endless speculation over their supposed romance, but Gossip Cop busted the worst offenders.

There have been too many reports of Jenner and Hutchins' supposedly impending nuptials to count. In Touch reported in April 2019 that Jenner and Hutchins were planning their wedding and "madly in love." An insider told the outlet, "Caitlyn wants to do it before she turns 70 in October, so it will be this year, most likely in Malibu overlooking the Pacific." Several months have passed since that supposed October wedding date and still no wedding. Some rumors bust themselves.

The National Enquirer also weighed in on the marriage speculation. The publication published a story reporting that Hutchins and Jenner had called off their summer wedding. According to the outlet, the two had supposedly fully planned out a wedding before they canceled it. "They've been bickering over everything — the date, the guest list and even the music they play," a source said. "Cait finally got sick of trying to please Sophia over every little thing." The invites for the fictitious wedding were supposed to go out in June, but Hutchins and Jenner pushed them back. Of course the bogus wedding got "pushed back" — it can't happen if it doesn't exist. Jenner's spokesperson spoke with Gossip Cop on the record and clarified that the two women are not getting married.

Although Jenner is 70 years old, the tabloids seem bent on making Jenner a mother again. The Olympian already has six biological children, along with several step children she helped raise. Yet OK! falsely reported in November 2019 that Jenner and Hutchins decided to adopt a baby.

According to a source, Jenner was willing to do anything to keep Hutchins, even satisfying the 23-year-old's baby fever. "Caitlyn knew this day would come and tried putting it off as long as she could, but Sophia's adamant," the suspicious insider told the publication. "Cait's terrified of losing her, so she's going along with whatever Sophia wants." Gossip Cop didn't rely on an anonymous source to debunk this story. We reached out to Jenner's spokesperson, who assured us Hutchins and Jenner have no plans to adopt a baby.

The National Enquirer tried once again shortly afterwards when it claimed that Jenner announced she was going to be a mom at her birthday dinner. The disreputable tabloid wrote that Jenner "stunned" her family and friends with her decision to expand her family yet again. According to an anonymous tipster, Jenner's family hadn't properly processed the "baby bombshell" yet, but they were concerned. "The fact is Caitlyn's not getting any younger," the insider told the outlet. "She's had plenty of experience having kids — but she may not be able to pick one up anymore!"

It was easy for Gossip Cop to bust this story. Hutchins and Jenner have said on numerous occasions that they aren't in a romantic relationship. It's unlikely the two would suddenly decide to raise a child together. Certain media outlets can't wrap their heads around the nature of Jenner and Hutchins' relationship. It might be easier for them to quit reporting on the two women since they refuse to stick to the truth.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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