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Caitlyn Jenner and Sophia Hutchins were at the Kardashians' annual Christmas party, despite website and tabloid claims hours earlier that the former Olympian and her gal pal were "snubbed" and "not invited." The reports came from magazines and blogs that have frequently published inaccurate information about Jenner. Contrary to the assertions from those outlets and their so-called sources, there are several photos of Jenner and Hutchins at the party.

On Monday, RadarOnline ran a headline that read, "Blindsided! Caitlyn And Sophia Snubbed From Kris' Annual Christmas Eve Bash." To back up its story about how they "weren't invited, the site used an anonymous and clearly unreliable "source" who maintained "the Kardashian-Jenners don't want Caitlyn in attendance because they don't approve" of Hutchins. Jenner's daughters Kendall and Kylie "won't be photographed with [Sophia]," further contended the phony tipster.

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The blog's sister publications ran similar stories, all in an effort to make the premise of Jenner and Hutchins being "snubbed" appear more plausible. For example, OK! exclaimed, "Kris Jenner Snubs Caitlyn Jenner By Not Inviting Her To Kardashian Christmas Eve Party." And another sister magazine, In Touch, blared, "Apparently, Caitlyn Jenner And Sophia Hutchins Weren't Invited To Kris Jenner's Party." In reality, the three outlets, owned by the same corporate parent, were simply regurgitating the exact same lie.

Gossip Cop often has to go to great lengths to prove the site and its related tabloids are wrong and their alleged sources are either ill-informed or possibly made-up. That's not the case with this tall tale. There are so many photos and videos of Jenner and Hutchins at the party, which was held on Monday night at Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Hidden Hills home, that we need not have to reach out or rely on our legitimate insiders or even reps.

In fact, Jenner posted a video on Instagram of her and Hutchins entering the Christmas party. Contrary to the claim that "the Kardashian-Jenners don't want Caitlyn in attendance," on Tuesday morning, alongside the video she shared, the transgender rights activist wrote, "So good seeing everyone and celebrating such a special time of year with you all! Love you all. @kendalljenner @kyliejenner @kimkardashian @kourtneykardash @khloekardashian @krisjenner."

Additionally, as opposed to the blog asserting her kids "won't be photographed with [Sophia]," there just happens to be a picture out there showing Kendall with her dad and Hutchins at the party. Basically, nothing RadarOnline reported, and its related magazines repeated, was accurate. Gossip Cop, however, is not entirely surprised.

Just a few months ago, the website swore up and down that Jenner's gal pal Hutchins was going to have a "showdown" with Kris, and yet not only was she invited to the Kardashians' Christmas party, but there was also no confrontation at all between the two women. It's also the outlet Gossip Cop busted more than a year ago when it wrongly reported Caityln Jenner was moving to Idaho. And it's the same blog that falsely claimed in 2017 Caitlyn and Kris were going to do a reality show together.

Additionally, it's the site Gossip Cop corrected over the summer when it posted a bogus tale about how Jenner and Hutchins were in the midst of a "top secret adoption." None of those aforementioned articles were remotely true and neither is the latest one about Jenner and Hutchins being "snubbed" from attending the annual Kardashian-Jenner Christmas. As Gossip Cop likes to say, time susses out what's fact and what's fiction, though it usually doesn't happen this fast.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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