Caitlyn Jenner Defends Donald Trump Russian Ties: “Politics Is A Dirty Business” – Watch “The View” Video

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Caitlyn Jenner Trump The View

By Shari Weiss |

Caitlyn Jenner Trump The View


Caitlyn Jenner was a guest co-host on “The View” on Thursday, where she opened up about everything from Donald Trump and LGBT rights to being a prude. She even downplayed the president’s Russia scandal. Watch the video below.

The ABC talk show kicked off with Jenner being asked if Trump has met with her regarding LGBT rights, as she has requested. “No,” she admitted. “He’s been busy lately. I understand that.” But she is still committed to helping the community regardless of whether she directly deals with Trump. “I do a lot of political things. I would say 80, 90 percent of it is behind the scenes. I get more accomplished that way,” Jenner insisted.

Still, she’s “been disappointed in a few ways” with Trump and his administration in this area. “I thought he would be more outspoken when it came to LGBT issues… He was very open about it in the beginning,” she said. But she has met with members of the government, and even revealed, “Actually, this afternoon, I’m at the UN. Nikki Haley, I have a meeting with her.”

Goldberg praised Jenner for always being “gracious,” to which the Olympian said, “Most people have never met anybody who’s trans. And if I do have a personal encounter with somebody, I want it to be a positive one.” She did clam up, however, when the discussion turned to sex. During a hot topic about foursomes, some of the panelists were willing to admit which celebrities with whom’d they’d want to get down and dirty. But Jenner wouldn’t play along.

“I can’t even imagine fantasies like that in my head,” she said, admitting, “I could count the number of women I’ve been with on one hand… I am so much a prude.” She was also hesitant to discuss the ongoing Russia scandal, but did clearly state that she is not bothered by concerns the country meddled in the election and colluded with the Trump campaign.

Jenner argued, “Politics is a dirty business. Let’s be honest,” and she went on to assert, “Hillary Clinton was out there looking for dirt on Trump. Trump was looking for dirt on Hillary. This is smear campaigns.” She further said, “Everyone’s talking to everybody. Recently, Trump was over there [in Europe]. And I think it’s good we have communications [with Russia].”

Jedediah Bila suggested that people tend to make excuses when it’s their own party accused of the wrongdoing, while Sara Haines said it’s Trump’s business interests in Russia that bother her. Sunny Hostin agreed, pressing Jenner on whether it bothers her that “instead of being a public servant and serving all of the United States, he may be serving his own pocket.”

“Honestly, I think, no, it doesn’t bother me,” the “I Am Cait” star responded. “We have to get somebody in there who can straighten things out. He’s shaken a lot of things up since he’s been in there and I think from that standpoint, that’s good. Give the guy some time. It’s been what, six months? Let’s give the guy some time.”

Jenner continued, “In three and a half years form now, we get to decide again. If it didn’t work out, let’s get him out and get someone else in. If not, if by that time he’s lowered taxes, he’s helped the economy, he’s created jobs, he’s done all these things that are good for the country, then we can re-elect him.”

Later in the show, the former athlete was asked about reality TV fakery, and revealed her Republican viewpoints expressed on her now-canceled E! show led an LGBT camp to disinvite her. As Gossip Cop reported, Jenner previously appeared on “The View” in April to promote her memoir. Check out the new videos below.

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