Mean Rumors About Caitlyn Jenner

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Caitlyn Jenner Mean Rumors

By Hugh Scott |

Caitlyn Jenner Mean Rumors

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After Caitlyn Jenner came out as a transgender woman in 2015, the gossip media immediately began publishing mean rumors about her. Gossip Cop has debunked numerous insulting and untrue articles about the reality star. Here are just five we’ve corrected.

In April 2018, Star falsely claimed Jenner was incontinent after her gender reassignment surgery. The story emerged after paparazzi captured photos of the reality star walking into a restaurant with what appeared to be a small wet spot on her pants. There was no evidence presented of what the spot actually was. It could have been anything from a small spill to a weird lighting angle on the photograph. Not only did Jenner’s rep assure Gossip Cop the story was untrue, but the spokesperson even called the staff at Star “a bunch of idiots.”

Last November, NW published a nasty rumor about Jenner’s face falling off from plastic surgery. According to the magazine, the former Olympian had been “pinched and plumped beyond recognition.” Gossip Cop pointed out that recent photos of Jenner showed no sign of her face “sliding off” as the article asserted, nor do any pictures of Jenner show that today. The premise was absurd.

In March 2019, the Globe wrongly reported Jenner wanted to transition back to “Bruce again.” The narrative was flat-out false. Gossip Cop pointed to an interview Jenner did with Diane Sawyer in which she was asked if she had any regrets about transitioning. The reality star affirmed she “never had a doubt,” adding, “All the confusion has left me.”

Last May, the National Enquirer made up a story claiming other members at the reality star’s country club were annoyed because Jenner hit from the ladies’ tees on the golf course. The unfounded slam on Jenner was at once very mean and insanely silly. Jenner’s rep confirmed to Gossip Cop that the former Olympian is “on great terms” with the other members of her club and has had a “longtime relationship” playing with them. The Daily Mail even posted a video showing Jenner polling her fellow competitors on which tees they prefer she plays from.

And in June, the Globe ran an outlandish report claiming Jenner had turned to booze and food to cope with life as a woman. The tabloid alleged Jenner had gained 40 pounds after being “shunned” by her family and losing many friends post-transition. Gossip Cop cited an interview with Jenner herself, in which she revealed that all of her loved ones are “very accepting” of her becoming a woman. Like all of the stories mentioned above, the premise was simply mean and unfounded.


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