Is Caitlyn Jenner demanding a role on Kylie Jenner's new reality show? That's the claim coming from one of the tabloids. Gossip Cop looked into the story and can exclusively reveal the truth.

As Gossip Cop exclusively reported, Jenner is filming her own reality spinoff, "Life of Kylie." The upcoming show, which will air on E! later this year, will focus on the teen's growing makeup business, as well as her personal life. Now according to Life & Style, Caitlyn is "using" her daughter to "get back on TV."

The tabloid alleges Caitlyn wants to "cash in" through Kylie's series, and is "making a bid to play a regular role" on the show. The goal, supposedly, is to become "just as big a star as her daughter." That's a rather ridiculous claim, as it's irrational to compare Caitlyn and Kylie's fame. The two stars target totally different demographics, have different projects, and embrace the spotlight to varying degrees.

Still, with the cancellation of "I Am Cait," a so-called "source" asserts to the gossip magazine that Caitlyn "wants to get back on air" through Kylie's show. The outlet's purported tipster contends the transgender star fears her "stardom has lessened a lot," and is "worried that people won't care about her in a year or two." Well, it doesn't make much sense to allege Caitlyn thinks "Life of Kylie" is the answer.

It's not a family reality show. It's a Kylie Jenner reality show. And while Caitlyn and other members of the Kardashian-Jenner family may appear from time to time, it's not going to be a ticket to everlasting fame for them. Even if Caitlyn were to make regular appearances, the focus will still be on Kylie, and viewers may still not "care" about her father anyway.

So, is this illogical, bad idea really coming from Caitlyn... or the tabloid itself? Naturally, Gossip Cop was suspicious about the story's origins, particularly since the publication has a terrible track record when it comes to reporting on the clan. We've since learned that no one legitimately close to the former Olympian fed this information to the magazine, so you have to wonder if this "source" really exists. A rep for Caitlyn further tells us it's "not true" she's demanding a role on "Life of Kylie."

Life & Style also has a history of getting stories wrong when it comes to the star and television. Last fall, Gossip Cop busted the outlet for an untrue article wrongly claiming Caitlyn wanted to air her sex change on TV. But the LGBT advocate had no intention of doing that, and she has no intention of being a main cast member on Kylie's reality show, either.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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