Caitlyn Jenner Reaction To Kim Kardashian “Ellen” Interview Made Up

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Caitlyn Jenner Reaction Kim Interview

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Caitlyn Jenner Reaction Kim Interview


A story purporting to know Caitlyn Jenner‘s reaction to Kim Kardashian‘s “Ellen DeGeneres Show” interview was made up. Gossip Cop can exclusively reveal what’s going on and how we know this report is fake news.

As Gossip Cop exclusively reported, Kardashian taped an interview with DeGeneres on Thursday for a Friday broadcast. During the sit-down, the reality star candidly opened up about her robbery and her feelings about Jenner’s memoir, The Secrets Of My Life. Kardashian explained the book was “hurtful” to her mother, Kris, and accused her former stepfather of being dishonest. She also admitted they’re not currently speaking.

After our exclusive report about what Kardashian said during the interview, clips of the episode were released on Friday morning. Now HollywoodLife is claiming to have “EXCLUSIVE scoop on how Cait feels about” the comments. “Caitlyn Jenner Shocked By Kim’s Shade? She’s Different ‘Behind Closed Doors,'” reads the headline of the story, in which the webloid asserts “things are totally different between the ladies behind the scenes.”

The site quotes a so-called “insider” as saying, “What Kim says behind closed doors to Caitlyn has been completely different [than what she said on ‘Ellen’]. She thinks Kim had to say what she said to appease her family and appease Ellen, who doesn’t like Caitlyn.” This supposed source contends Jenner “understands” why Kardashian made the pointed remarks and “sees where the shade came from.”

On the surface, that sounds reasonable. But this is HollywoodLies, the outlet that is notorious for pretending to have access to top celebrities. In fact, it was less than two weeks ago that Gossip Cop caught the blog fabricating “exclusives” about Jenner’s gender reassignment surgery. Upon investigating a series of posts from the online publication, we learned no one legitimately close to the transgender star was actually talking to the webloid. Jenner’s rep even exclusively told Gossip Cop that the stories were all “creative fiction.”

So, we had our doubts when this latest “exclusive” about Jenner popped up on the site, and we’ve again confirmed now that these alleged sources the outlet is relying on are either lying about their connection to the Olympian or were simply invented by the blog itself. Because these new claims about Jenner’s reaction to Kardashian’s comments are totally made up. A spokesperson exclusively tells Gossip Cop, “Caitlyn is on her book tour and had no knowledge of any interview Kim may have given on ‘Ellen.'” That means it was impossible for HollywoodLies to have the “exclusive scoop on how Cait feels about” it. Once again, the bad blog has been caught publishing fake news.

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