Caitlyn Jenner, O.J. Simpson NOT “Set To Broadcast Their Reunion On TV,” Despite Reports

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Caitlyn Jenner OJ Simpson Reunion

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Caitlyn Jenner OJ Simpson Reunion

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Caitlyn Jenner and O.J. Simpson are not “set to broadcast their reunion on TV.” They’re not set to reunite at all, on-camera or off. Gossip Cop can bust this resurfaced rumor for the second time.

Roughly 10 days ago, Life & Style claimed unnamed “TV producers” wanted to bring Jenner and Simpson together for a televised reunion. The two were acquaintances during Jenner’s marriage to Kris, as she was close friends with Nicole Brown Simpson. Simpson is now out of prison following parole related to his robbery case, and Jenner is living life as a woman. Apparently, the tabloid found an “insider” who said it would be “fascinating” if the pair now came face-to-face and all of America got to watch. The gossip magazine, however, has a telling lack of details in its story, and it was no surprise when a rep for Jenner exclusively told Gossip Cop the assertions were “not true.” No TV team-up was in the works.

Despite that on-the-record denial, the outlet’s sister publication, In Touch, has picked up the article more than a week after it was debunked. On Saturday, the tabloid posted its own version of the allegations on its website, but has no new information to offer. Rather, the magazine merely regurgitates the same claims that were already featured in print. Opines the publication, “It’s hard to get much more sensational than this: a TV show pairing the world’s most famous transgender celebrity with the world’s most famous acquitted murder suspect — especially when both have connections to the Kardashians!”

Yes, that would be sensational. But it’s also sensational to spread this misinformation when it was already addressed a week and a half ago. Aside from the fact that Jenner wants nothing to do with the disgraced former football star, which even both tabloids acknowledge, Simpson would have to give any money he made from a TV special to Ron Goldman, Nicole’s father. Seemingly with that in mind, his camp has said he’s turning down offers and is focusing on “civilian life.” While the suggestion of a Jenner-Simpson collaboration may seem like an interesting story, it’s not a worthwhile one when it simply isn’t accurate.