Caitlyn Jenner is not dating Sophia Hutchins, says her rep, despite a report labeling Hutchins as Jenner's "new girlfriend." Gossip Cop is told the transgender star is single.

RadarOnline is breathlessly blaring in a headline on Tuesday, "Caitlyn's New Girlfriend Exposed: Jenner, 68, Dating Trans Model & College Student, 21!" The webloid describes their recent vacation to Mexico as a "romantic trip," but has no sources (real or fictional) actually claiming the pair are dating. In fact, the entire story mostly hinges on Jenner and Hutchins simply hanging out together.

The site also points out that when Hutchins spoke about her gender identity in an interview last year, she credited Jenner with showing that "normal and successful people [transition] and people are okay when they do it." That, along with social media photos suggesting the two women have been hanging out the last few months, leads the site to conclude that Hutchins is Jenner's "stunning girlfriend."

But speaking highly of Jenner in an interview is not evidence of a relationship, nor are photos that are as generic as simply showing Jenner's dog in the outdoors. Neither Jenner herself nor Hutchins is pictured in the snapshot, which Hutchins posted to Instagram back in July, but to the online publication, it's proof that there's a romance going on between the two women. Of course, plenty of friends talk about each other in interviews, go on joint vacations, and hang out with one other's pets.

The webloid, however, saw fit to put logic aside for the sake of something more salacious. A few months ago, MediaTakeOut went a similar route, announcing that Jenner was now a lesbian and dating a young blonde. The basis for those claims was something as innocent and unremarkable as the star being spotted out to dinner with Hutchins. Last time Gossip Cop checked, people go out to dinner with others all the time. It does not mean the dinner companions are dating.

But MediaFakeOut chose to jump to conclusions and sensationalize, much like what RadarOnline is doing now, despite proving in the past that it is untrustworthy by peddling nonsense, such as claiming earlier this year that Jenner was looking to date a "hot young boy toy." In actuality, Jenner herself has said on multiple occasions that she has no interest in dating. And now a rep insists to Gossip Cop, "Caitlyn isn't dating anyone. Sophia is a friend amongst many others." There you have it.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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