Caitlyn Jenner is not moving to London, despite what one tabloid is claiming this week. The rumor is totally fabricated. Gossip Cop can set the record straight.

According to the latest issue of Heat, Jenner was "overheard" in a Los Angeles cafe discussing her plans to move to London. The magazine doesn't give any more specifics about this supposedly overheard cafe conversation, instead switching to the testimony of a so-called "insider." "Cait has totally fallen in love with London and wants to make it her full-time home," alleges the tipster, going on to say that she and her friend Sophia Hutchins are looking at properties in the city.

Jenner "feels a sense of freedom when she's in England, and she's been done with the materialistic side of L.A. for some time," the questionable source continues. "She's ready for a new challenge." Jenner, the source says, is also excited for her children and grandchildren to visit her at her new home. Additionally, she's "made some solid friends during recent visits and that's really boosted her self-esteem."

That seems like a pretty nice plan for Jenner - except none of it is true. While Heat can only seem to find shady unnamed "insiders" to back up the story, Gossip Cop reached out to a spokesperson for Jenner who's qualified to speak on the star's behalf. The rep assures us the story is not true: Jenner has no plans as of now to move to London.

To back up its phony claim, the tabloid uses a selfie of Jenner in front of a red London telephone booth - a photo which she took two years ago during a brief trip there to speak on a panel. The trip was neither recent nor for the purpose of shopping for a new home. Just last month, Jenner posted a picture of herself in her Malibu home on Instagram with the caption, "home," accompanied by a heart-eyes emoji. Clearly, she has not been looking to move.

This is hardly the first time Gossip Cop has had to bust a phony tabloid story about Jenner. Plenty of tabloids have engaged in wild speculation about her relationship to Sophia Hutchins, with many pushing rumors about Jenner and Hutchins getting married and having a baby together. Those aren't even the worst: Gossip Cop has also debunked countless insulting and degrading reports about Jenner put forth by the tabloid industry ever since she came out as transgender in 2015. As always, Gossip Cop will be there to call these publications out for their bogus stories.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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