Caitlyn Jenner Mocked At New Year’s Day Mummers Parade (VIDEO)

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Caitlyn Jenner Mocked Mummers Parade Video

By Shari Weiss |

Caitlyn Jenner Mocked Mummers Parade Video


Caitlyn Jenner was mocked at the 2016 New Year’s Day Mummers Parade in Philadelphia on Friday. See video below.

The annual event, which airs on television and is also live streamed, features costumed participants marching with floats and acting out comedy bits. One such skit this year, created by the Finnegan New Year’s Brigade, invoked Jenner’s transition from male to female. The segment began with a man acting as Jenner during her Olympic heyday.

Wearing a mock USA uniform and standing in front of a Wheaties box, “Jenner” did a victory march before “I’m Coming Out” started to play. A faux doctor and several nurses then appeared, putting “Jenner” in a wheelchair and pushing “him” out of sight. The soundtrack then changed to “Dude Looks Like A Lady” as “Jenner” remerged as a rather ugly woman.

At least one person held up a sign with Jenner on a Fruit Loops box, and another was heard screaming, “[Expletive] the gays.” While the parade commentator noted that the comedy bits sometimes get political and draw on pop culture, the city’s incoming mayor Jim Kenney tweeted in response, “It was bad. Hurtful to many Philadelphians. Our Trans citizens do not deserve this type of satire/insult. #Berespectful.”

In a statement released Saturday, the Finnegan organization insisted, “We understand that there will be obvious backlash for what we do as a skit but that’s all it was is that. “We are sorry for offending people out there, and don’t want people to think we are against the gays, transsexuals, etc. We are not.”

As for the member heard spouting homophobic comments, the group said, “We understand and take full responsibility since we are Finnegan, but this deeply is sickening someone could say that. That’s not who we are or ever were.” The unidentified individual has been banned from future events.

This year’s Mummers Parade also sparked controversy with some people in brownface meant to represent Mexicans, and other holding “Mummers Live Matters” signs. The traditional event has been slammed in the past for being offensive and not embracing diversity. There was a concerted effort this year to change that, but clearly there are still issues to work out.

Jenner has not commented on the sketch mocking her. She spent New Year’s Eve at a low-key, at-home celebration with stepdaughters Kim and Kourtney Kardashian. Video of the parade skit can be seen below.


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