A story claiming Caitlyn Jenner is "at war" with Kris Jenner over Kylie Jenner's pregnancy and upcoming delivery is made-up, Gossip Cop can confirm. This manufactured story comes from a webloid that has been spreading fake claims about the family for years. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust it.

The outlet in question is HollywoodLife, which is claiming to have "exclusive details" on how "Caitlyn Jenner is already arguing with Kris Jenner over the way things will be when their daughter Kylie Jenner gives birth." A so-called "source close to the Jenners" is quoted as saying, "Caitlyn and Kris are at war over their daughter Kylie's pregnancy and Kris's delivery room demands." What, exactly and specifically, are the exes supposedly at odds over?

The site's alleged tipster claims, "Kris is planning on having parts of the delivery and hospital experience shot by the 'KUTWK' cameras and that is upsetting for Caitlyn who is no longer a regular on the reality series." It's unclear why Caitlyn's status with the show would affect how she feels about the delivery being filmed. It's further problematic when the questionable insider contends, "Caitlyn and Kris are also arguing about everything from which hospital Kylie should deliver her baby to who should be allowed inside the room with Kylie when she gives birth. Kylie would love for both of her parents to be with her."

Both of those matters are actually up to Kylie herself, not either of her parents. The decisions about where she will give birth and who will be in the delivery room are hers to make, regardless of what Caitlyn and Kris purportedly think. So it's rather odd to claim the parents are "arguing" about issues that they don't actually get to decide. It also doesn't ring true when the outlet's supposed snitch maintains that, since Caitlyn and Kris divorced, "this is the first big event they have been forced to come together to discuss and coordinate on." There have actually been a number of family milestones and gatherings since they separated in 2013, several of which both have participated in.

As the blog's tale goes on, it actually becomes clear why it was concocted. The online publication asserts, "Things have really seemed rocky, especially after Caitlyn said some harsh things about the Kardashian/Jenner family in a recent interview with Piers Morgan." Caitlyn did speak candidly about problems she's had with the Kardashians, making it clear they're not currently on good terms. So it seems HollywoodLies, as it's nicknamed, was inspired by that to manufacture its own story about Caitlyn being in a "war" over family matters. And since Kylie's pregnancy remains a hot topic, the webloid used that as its angle.

The Inquisitr has already picked up these claims, regurgitating all of the site's allegations, but adding, "Notably, none of the Kardashian/Jenner clan have confirmed the latest report." Well, as opposed to all the unsubstantiated claims mentioned above muttered by a purposely unnamed and untraceable "source," Gossip Cop has now spoken with Caitlyn's rep, who exclusively tells us on the record that HollywoodLies' article is "made-up." That was also the case in October, when the outlet falsely maintained Caitlyn had a "change of heart" over Kylie's pregnancy. In reality, she was always supportive, and she's not causing drama over the upcoming delivery now.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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