Caitlyn Jenner: I Wouldn’t Trade My Marriage To Kris “For Anything”

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Caitlyn Kris Jenner Marriage

By Shari Weiss |

Caitlyn Kris Jenner Marriage

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Caitlyn Jenner says she wouldn’t trade her marriage to Kris Jenner for “anything.”

The transgender star, previously known as Bruce Jenner, tweeted on Friday evening, “Reading the VF article reminded me of the love & good times Kris & I shared for so many years. Wouldn’t trade that time for anything!” Caitlyn, of course, was referring to her Vanity Fair cover story, which featured interviews with both of them.

What makes the message especially striking is that both were quoted in the article as slamming the other. As Gossip Cop reported last month, the exes presented clashing perspectives on Caitlyn’s transition, and how her gender identity issues affected their marriage. Kris insisted she did not know until recently that Caitlyn desired to become a woman, and Caitlyn said it was Kris’ “mistreatment” that was mostly to blame for the failure of their relationship. Still, Caitlyn acknowledged it was a “mistake” not to be more forthcoming with Kris sooner.

The Jenners were married from 1991 until their divorce became official earlier this year. The former couple announced their separation in 2013, though Kris still celebrated their 23rd anniversary on social media in April 2014. As Gossip Cop reported at the time, the Kardashian-Jenner matriarch wrote on Instagram, “Happy Anniversary to one of the most amazing men I know!!!! I love you, Wow 23 years!!!!!

Now it’s a year later, and a lot has changed, to say the least. While the Jenners’ extended family have all voiced their support for Caitlyn’s debut as a woman, Kris has yet to comment on the Vanity Fair release or her former husband’s official transition. TELL US: What do you think of Caitlyn’s tweet?


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