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Caitlyn Jenner is not "facing knee surgery" after supposedly "refusing to ditch stilettos," despite a report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this untrue tale. Oddly, it comes from a webloid seemingly obsessed with the star having surgeries.

"High Heel Hell! Crippling Cait Facing Knee Surgery After Refusing To Ditch Stilettos," blares the headline of a new RadarOnline article. According to the accompanying story, Jenner is "wracked with joint pain" and is "facing knee-replacement surgery." It's alleged she "largely" needs the medical procedure because she "still refuses to give up her beloved stiletto high heels."

A so-called "pal" is quoted as saying, "Her doctors beg her to give up her stiletto collection, but she refuses." "Even though doctors warn high heels are major cause of knee pain, the 68-year-old plastic princess is willing to try anything aside from ditching the knee-busting footwear," contends the site. The outlet alleges Jenner's knees "stiffen up and ache" as a result of the years she spent training as Olympian, but also claims "the side effects" of her "sex change haven't helped."

"Extensive liposuction on her tush and thighs has caused pain that shoots down her legs, worsening her knee pain," asserts the online publication, with its supposed "source" declaring, "The discomfort is sometimes unbearable... Of course, the condition has worsened since Caitlyn began wearing heels full-time." The website maintains Jenner "managed to mask much of the pain with drugs," but now she's "trying to cut back on them."

As a result, "she's facing either knee-replacement surgery or — gasp — having to wear flats. And for high heel-loving Jenner, that's no choice at all," says the blog. Adds the purported friend, "Her whole life she was forced to wear heels only in the privacy of her bedroom, so the last thing she wants is to give them up just when she finally wear them in public." Celebuzz picked up the alarmist report for a story it titled, "Caitlyn Jenner Seeking Surgical Treatment Amid Painful Medical Crisis."

Jenner does have a large collection of shoes, something she even joked about in a 2015 WhoSay video, quipping, "Don't get jealous, Khloe!" But a rep for the former athlete, who has no reason to lie about this, exclusively tells Gossip Cop it's "false" she now needs knee surgery due to her footwear habits. And that makes this the latest in a series of untrue reports about Jenner supposedly going under the knife.

In June 2016, RadarOnline claimed she was getting surgery to correct a "massive foot problem" and make her feet smaller. The outlet spread a different allegation in July 2017 about Jenner undergoing a "foot tuck" to add "fat pads" to the bottoms of her feet. Just days later, there was a piece about a lift to her behind. And most recently, earlier this month, the publication said Jenner was planning a "drastic plastic makeover" with more surgeries to "fine-tune her look," especially her nose. Yet none of these procedures have ever actually taken place.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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