Caitlyn Jenner Dared To Kiss Candis Cayne On “I Am Cait” Finale – WATCH VIDEO!

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Caitlyn Jenner Kiss Candis Cayne Video

By Shari Weiss |

Caitlyn Jenner Kiss Candis Cayne Video


Caitlyn Jenner is dared to kiss Candis Cayne on this Sunday’s “I Am Cait” season two finale. Check out the video below!

The unexpected moment occurs during a group dinner outing. Jenner and her friends are encouraging pal Ella to show off her singing voice. But when she hesitates, someone else suggests they do a “barter system,” in which Jenner and Cayne “have to do” something “in order to make” Ella sing. So, what would she want to see in exchange?

“Oh, that’s easy,” Ella replies. “Kiss!” Cayne actually laughs out loud, and fellow friend Courtney immediately gets on board. “If you two kiss on the lips, she’ll sing,” Courtney encourages, amusingly adding, “You might as well use your lips. Both of you have gorgeous lips. Just smack them together!”

Naturally, the show flashes back to various scenes of Jenner and Cayne bonding, even though their relationship has never been anything more than platonic. And back in the present, Ella insists a kiss wouldn’t be anything more than a “friendship cuddle.” Courtney even ups the challenge by announcing, “We double-dog dare you!”

Shockingly, Jenner is the first to make a move. She takes Cayne’s wine glass out of her hand and leans in and… the clip cuts off before it’s revealed whether they do or don’t kiss. But based on Ella and Courtney’s reactions, it certainly looks like something goes down. Watch below!


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