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Caitlyn Jenner's kids do not think Sophia Hutchins is using her, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can debunk the claim. Not only are we told it's not true, but Hutchins herself has shot down the story.

The tabloid pushing that premise doesn't get off to a good start with its story. The first line of the OK! article begins, "Caitlyn Jenner is crazy about her girlfriend, Sophia Hutchins, but her family seems to feel otherwise." Of course, Jenner and Hutchins are not girlfriends, and both have refuted reports that say they're in a romantic relationship, but more about that below. Next, the magazine contends it has an "insider" who asserts, "Cait's kids don't see eye to eye so much, but they're all in agreement that Sophia is bad news."

"They believe she may be using Caitlyn for fame and fortune," adds the supposed source with a degree of uncertainty. The questionable tipster then alleges Brandon, Brody, Kendall and Kylie were "upset" when Hutchins recently clarified in an interview that she and Jenner don't have a "romantic relationship" and described the former Olympian as her "business partner." The purported "insider" continues, "It's infuriating for Cait's kids to see her happily accepting gifts from their father, not to mention a roof over her head, but then distancing herself in interviews." "The problem is Cait is happy to have someone to share her life with and is blind to what may be really going on," maintains the source.

No, the problem is the article is riddled with so many falsehoods it's clear the tabloid has either relied on a completely untrustworthy source or possibly concocted the entire tale itself. In no particular order, among the red flags are no real person would switch back and forth in conversation between calling Jenner "Cait" and "Caitlyn." Only a sloppy magazine would do that. And while the publication says "all" of Jenner's kids are "in agreement that Sophia is bad news," curiously the dubious "insider" only named Kylie, Kendall, Brody and Brandon. The outlet's tipster glaringly forgot Jenner's two oldest children, Burt and Cassandra.

Oddly, the tabloid hitches its narrative on Hutchins saying in an interview on "The Hidden Truth With Jim Breslo" that they're not in a "romantic relationship." Apparently, the magazine missed how for months before Hutchins' remarks, it was actually Jenner who kept insisting they're platonic pals, albeit "very close." In August, for example, Jenner told Variety that they're simply the "best of friends." And, as the executive director of the Caitlyn Jenner Foundation, which works on behalf of transgender rights, Hutchins actually is the gold medal-winning athlete's "business partner."

But most significantly, in that same interview in which she said she and Jenner weren't in a "romantic relationship," Hutchins told the interviewer, "The family is all extremely nice to me, extremely welcoming to me." She even mentioned that one day before the sit-down with Breslo how she had lunch with Kylie and the makeup mogul's baby Stormi. "I feel very welcomed," Hutchins added in direct contrast to the premise of the tabloid's whole article. Basically, nothing in its report is accurate.

For more than a year now, OK! and its sister outlets have been publishing bogus claims about the two transgender women. In June, for instance, Gossip Cop busted a report about how Jenner and Hutchins were adopting a baby together. And the following month we corrected a story that wrongly asserted Jenner was becoming a "bridezilla" while planning her (nonexistent) wedding to Hutchins. Unlike the tabloid, which has predicated its current article on an anonymous and seemingly fabricated "insider," Jenner's rep has gone on the record each and every time with Gossip Cop. We're told the latest tale is similarly "rubbish."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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