Caitlyn Jenner Joked About By Jimmy Fallon, Kimmel, And Conan (VIDEOS)

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Caitlyn Jenner late night hosts

By James Crugnale |

Caitlyn Jenner late night hosts

(Vanity Fair)

Caitlyn Jenner’s debut on Vanity Fair’s July cover was the centerpiece of many of the monologues on the late-night talk show circuit on Monday, and Gossip Cop has a recap of some of the jokes made by Jimmy Kimmel, Conan O’Brien and Jimmy Fallon. Check out the videos below.

On “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Kimmel began by saying the news was the biggest story of the day. “At long last, Bruce’s female identity has been revealed,” Kimmel observed. “Vanity Fair magazine has released their cover shot today. That is Caitlyn Jenner, and she’s spelling Caitlyn with a C, instead of a K. So she really is trying to distance herself from the Kardashians.” He then added, “My daughter Katie pointed something out to me — she said ‘He’s been a woman 3 minutes and he’s already hiding his arms.'”

Kimmel, who is something of a “Bachelor” aficionado, also joked that Jenner’s name was inspired by the ABC reality franchise’s Kaitlyn Bristowe. “The photograph was shot by the great photographer Annie Leibovitz,” he said. “It’s pretty amazing when you think about it — I mean, rarely do you see a woman over 40 on the cover of a magazine. So, it’s official — Bruce Jenner is no more. And her new name is Caitlyn — after this year’s ‘Bachelorette.'”

On “The Tonight Show,” Fallon briefly mentioned the news, cheering on Jenner’s beach bod. “Bigger news out of the Kardashian camp is the new Vanity Fair cover, which features the first photo of Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce Jenner,” he said, before adding, “I think the most shocking thing is that it’s only June and she’s already in bathing suit shape. What’s the secret?”

During “Late Night,” Seth Meyers said he had no jokes about Caitlyn Jenner, only praise. “Such a wonderful photo, I cannot wait to read the article,” Meyers said. “I don’t have any jokes about this. I’m so happy. I sort of can’t believe we’re living in a time when this is happening and people are being so positive about it. So congratulations, Caitlyn Jenner.”

And on “Conan,” O’Brien thought Jenner’s photos were tasteful, especially in comparison to the rest of her family. “Bruce Jenner is on the cover of Vanity Fair as her new identity Caitlyn Jenner. This is historic because Caitlyn is the first woman from that family to appear on a cover fully clothed,” he joked. “She’s actually covered up and tastefully dressed.”

As Gossip Cop reported at the time, the hosts previously joked about Jenner when Bruce came out as transgender in April. Check out the videos below, and tell us what you think. NOTE: Some of the videos are no longer available.


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