Caitlyn Jenner Applies For Golf Course Membership As ‘Bruce’ (VIDEO)

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Caitlyn Jenner Golf application Bruce

By Michael Lewittes |

Caitlyn Jenner Golf application Bruce


Caitlyn Jenner applies for a golf course membership as “Bruce” in the upcoming episode of “I Am Cait.” Her friend Ronda Kamihira, however, is shocked that she’s not applying as Caitlyn. Watch the video below.

While Kamihira fills out Jenner’s application for a course at the Sherwood Country Club, she questions the former Olympian “why you are putting Bruce down, as opposed to Caitlyn.” Basically, Jenner, who’s already a member (under the name Bruce) of a different golf course at the Sherwood Country Club, feels applying as “Bruce” for the second course is the fastest and easier way to get accepted.

Kamihira is taken aback by Jenner’s plan and asks, “Why can’t you go in fresh as Caitlyn?” She then wants to know whether the reality star will wear a skirt or shorts on the golf course or “are you going to wear your hoodie and pretend?” Jenner responds, “Once I get out on the course, I’ll take that off.”

“It doesn’t make sense to me because everyone is going to know that you’re Caitlyn,” says Kamihira, adding that it will only become more “confusing” later on. But Jenner doesn’t care. She just wants to play golf, and explains, “I don’t have to worry about locker rooms and all that crap right now… We’ll deal with all those issues down the way.”

Check out the “I Am Cait” video below, and tell us what you think about Jenner now applying for a golf course membership as “Bruce.” NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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