Caitlyn Jenner NOT “Going Back To Being Bruce Again,” Despite Claim

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Caitlyn Jenner going back Bruce

By Michael Lewittes |

Caitlyn Jenner going back Bruce


Caitlyn Jenner is not “going back to being Bruce again,” despite a new, absurd and transphobic story. Gossip Cop can assure you there’s no truth to the insane claim. A source close to the situation calls the report “beyond ridiculous.”

According to MediaTakeOut, Caitlyn Jenner’s transition from male to female was nothing more than a “publicity stunt,” and she’s now about “done” with it. The utterly wrong webloid notes that Jenner was recently spotted “wearing Bruce’s man clothes” and it’s only a matter of a “few months before Caitlyn makes her transition back to being Bruce again.”

Naturally, the blog has no evidence or sources to back up it nonsensical premise. The webloid clearly also doesn’t have a good pair of eyeglasses because its entire premise about Jenner becoming male again is hinged on a photo of her in a blue, v-neck top that looks nothing like the black cable-knit shirt the site posted of her when she was still Bruce.

Remember, this is the same webloid Gossip Cop has repeatedly corrected for a number of outrageous claims, including that Kim Kardashian is currently faking her second pregnancy and that North West was not a real baby. Besides being transphobic, MediaFakeOut, as it’s known, seemingly couldn’t get a story right if Gossip Cop spotted it the “R,” “I,” “G” “H” and even “T.”

In any event, since we fact-check every story (no matter how ludicrous it may sound), a source connected to Jenner tells us exclusively the MTO story is “beyond ridiculous.” Additionally, earlier on Monday Jenner posted a story about how, as perhaps its most visible member, she feels a real “responsibility” to the transgender community.


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