Caitlyn Jenner On Gay Marriage: “Every Conservative Believes In Everybody’s Rights” (VIDEO)

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I Am Cait season 2 promo caitlyn jenner

By Michael Lewittes |

I Am Cait season 2 promo caitlyn jenner


I Am Cait” season two’s first promo was released on Thursday, and during a cross-country road trip with her transgender friends, Caitlyn Jenner discusses her conservative views on gay marriage, her loss of Bruce Jenner, and how she’s done dating women. See the video below.

The trailer for the new season of “I Am Cait” begins with Jenner deciding to go on a road trip with her new group of transgender friends. “It’s important we meet the people,” says Jenner before getting on a bus, adding, “There are a million stories that need to be told.” For comic relief, Jenner spends time during Mardi Gras with Kris Jenner in New Orleans, where the Kardashian family matriarch tell her ex-husband, “Your friends are amazing… Not you, Jenner, just your friends.”

We also see Jenner at the DMV, where she gets a new driver’s license, her first as Caitlyn Jenner. But it’s an emotional experience for the former Olympian. She confesses, “Sometimes I feel like I’ve thrown old Bruce out the door.” “Maybe he didn’t deserve to be gone,” she notes wistfully.

Jenner is then confronted by her transgender traveling companions about her controversial remarks on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show,” in which she admitted to being a “traditionalist” who was against gay marriage when the issue began to emerge. Jenner did go on to say that she’s come around to the idea with time, but she still wasn’t adamantly in favor of it.

Jenner’s friends let her know on the road trip that they’re “hurt” by her lack of support for same-sex marriage. Jenner says, “Every conservative guy our there believes in everybody’s rights.” She then tries to explain that she’s not the first to have an evolving view. “Obama was against gay marriage,” says Jenner before also noting, “Hillary Clinton was against gay marriage.”

As far as her own romantic life, Jenner teases in the first promo for “I Am Cait” that she’s no longer interested in being in a relationship with a woman. “I don’t see dating women in the future,” she says, explaining, “Been there, done that… Got three ex wives.”

Check out the trailer for the second season of “I Am Cait” below. The new season begins in March.

Note: The video is no longer available.


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