Caitlyn Jenner is not getting a "foot tuck," despite a report. Gossip Cop can exclusively confirm this surgery claim was made up.

The allegation comes from RadarOnline, which is falsely announcing, "Caitlyn Jenner Gearing Up To Undergo Most BIZARRE Plastic Surgery Treatment Ever." The article asserts the transgender star "wants to wear more high-heeled shoes, but is starting to realize wearing heels is akin to torture." Consequently, it's alleged she's "decided her next surgical treatment will be to have a 'foot tuck!'"

"It's basically having fat pads inserted under the skin of the balls of your feet," a so-called "insider" is quoted as saying. The webloid explains the procedure "involves fat from the patient's abdomen being injected into the balls of her feet" for "extra cushioning." The supposed source goes on to allege to the site, "She can't wait to get them done. Even though she knows she's already super tall in her modest two-inch heels, she really wants to wear much higher heels without the pain."

The outlet's purported snitch further contends, "She's hunting for the perfect doc to perform a foot tuck. It's a risky procedure but she's got the cash to pay for the best." Money may not be an issue, but Gossip Cop was still skeptical of this article and its contentions. The online publication maintains Jenner is "starting to realize wearing heels is akin to torture," but the timing of this claim doesn't make much sense.

Jenner secretly wore heels for years before transitioning publicly. And her public transition took place two full years ago. She wouldn't just be "starting to realize" now, after all this time, that wearing high heels can be painful. It's a rather illogical premise when one considers the timeline. Not to mention, it's also a rather suspicious premise when one considers that RadarOnline and its "insiders" have spread provably false information about Jenner both before and after her transition.

Much of that has had to do with her appearance, such as a February story that wrongly claimed Jenner got a new boob job. There's also been a strange fixation on the former Olympian's shoe size, with the webloid falsely alleging more than a year ago that Jenner was getting foot surgery to make them smaller. Notably, that is not mentioned in this latest tall tale. It's almost as if the site makes up so many stories, it can't keep track of all the lies. In any case, Gossip Cop is assured Jenner has no problem wearing heels, and a rep for the star also calls this article "not true."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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