Caitlyn Jenner Doesn’t Know How To Flirt With Men In New “I Am Cait” Clip (VIDEO)

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Caitlyn Jenner Flirt Men Video I Am Cait

By Shari Weiss |

Caitlyn Jenner Flirt Men Video I Am Cait


Caitlyn Jenner doesn’t know how to flirt with men in a new clip from “I Am Cait.” Check out the video below.

As Gossip Cop has reported, this Sunday’s episode will largely deal with Jenner’s fear of dating guys. Apparently she has a fear of just flirting with them, too. In the latest preview, Jenner and her transgender friends are hanging out the Palmer House hotel in Chicago, but she’s “uncomfortable” by all the males there, too.

Jenner says in a confessional, “For me the big problem that I have with a lot of things is rejection. That’s why, probably one of the reasons why, I didn’t date that much.” And now complicating matters is that the transgender star doesn’t know where she wants her love life to go, if anywhere.

In the teaser scene, she’s seen awkwardly making small talk with a real estate developer named Joe, before deciding to leave. Pal Candis Cayne gives her own take to the camera, saying, “Caitlyn, she doesn’t really know how to talk to guys at all, with a flirt, with something more than just who she is.”

“So she doesn’t know how to follow. She wants to lead,” continues Cayne. “Sometimes when you’re talking to guys, you have to take the back seat a little bit. I don’t know if she’s ready to do that.” Watch below.


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