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Is Caitlyn Jenner making "desperate attempts" to end her feud with the Kardashians? A webloid is claiming the star's efforts at reconciling have been rebuffed. But Gossip Cop is exclusively told the report isn't true.

Earlier this month, Jenner revealed she hasn't spoken to Kim Kardashian in a year. But a new story from RadarOnline essentially accuses her of stalking her former stepdaughter to get back in the family's good graces. The site's headline on Tuesday declares, "Crazy Cait! Inside Jenner's Desperate Attempts To Mend Ferocious Family Feud."

A so-called "source" is quoted as saying, "Caitlyn wants to get back in with the family and is going to any lengths! She has showed up to Kim's gate and they haven't let her in. The guards have had to turn her away. She has also turned up to photo shoots unannounced and they had to tell her to leave." And that's not all. The outlet and its supposed snitch claim Jenner is so determined to reunite with Kim that she tried staging a "run-in during what should be a private plastic surgery session."

"Caitlyn knew what day and time Kim was going for injections so she showed up at same time for an appointment at the doctor's office. The receptionist told Kim so she wouldn't run into her," claims the alleged tipster, who suspiciously never says when all these purported incidents went supposedly down. It's further asserted that Jenner is putting her sons Brandon and Brody "in the middle of the madness," and that she's "also feeling an icy cold shoulder" from Kendall and Kylie, "which is splitting up the family even farther apart."

The "source" contends to the publication, "Kendall is pissed because Kylie has recently blocked Caitlyn from her phone. Kendall doesn't think it's the right thing to do. So now she isn't talking to anyone." But Gossip Cop is told these "desperate attempts" never took place nor is Jenner trying to use other family members to get to the Kardashians. "As usual," the story is "not true," her rep exclusively tells Gossip Cop.

The spokesperson's "as usual" comment is a reference to RadarOnline's well-documented history of publishing false stories about the Olympian. For example, earlier this year the webloid alleged Jenner had "adoption plans" as part of a "desperate bid to fill the void caused by her strained relationship with her daughters." In another big flub, the site maintained Kris Jenner was going to serve as her manager. The outlet conveniently forgets about its prior tall tales, particularly as time proves Gossip Cop was right in busting them.

To be fair, Jenner reconciling with the Kardashians is not out of the realm of possibility. But this article is inaccurate, which is why the publication has no real evidence to back it up apart from a "source" when its "sources" have been wrong so many times before.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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