Caitlyn Jenner, Diane Sawyer Interview Recap

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Caitlyn Jenner Diane Sawyer Interview Recap

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Caitlyn Jenner revealed she was “happy” with her transition during her follow-up interview with Diane Sawyer on Friday’s “20/20.” She also discussed not missing being Bruce, what she’s learned as a woman, and how she feels betrayed by President Trump, who rolled back the protections for transgender students. Jenner also talked about having the “final surgery.”

It began with Sawyer asking, “Caitlyn is…,” with Jenner responding, “Happy” and “peaceful.” She also told the veteran journalist she “never had a doubt I did the right thing,” and “I don’t miss being Bruce.” Jenner further noted that she “learned a lot about compassion” after she transitioned and finally fully felt like a woman.

Jenner also addressed her sexy Vanity Fair cover. She expressed that while her kids felt it was “too much… I wanted to end the old Bruce, and that picture did it.” Jenner also acknowledged she made mistakes when discussing marriage equality a couple of years go because she “knew nothing.” “I didn’t know any better,” she added. But now Jenner is “100 percent behind gay marriage.”

At one point, Jenner revealed that she feared she would never live as her true self and had in her will that she wanted to be buried in women’s clothes. She joked about how shocked everyone would be “when they visit the casket.” Later, the conversation turned to politics and Jenner admitted, “Yes, I did vote for Trump,” but added, “Here’s the dealbreaker for the Republican party… You mess with my community. You don’t give us equality… I’m coming after you.” Now, Jenner openly states that after Trump rolled back the protections President Obama put in place for transgender students, she was done with him and felt betrayed.

And the topic of her gender reassignment surgery also came up. Of her “final surgery,” Jenner said, “I wasn’t less a women the day before I had the surgery than the day after the surgery.” But she warned others that it’s not something you ask people because it’s inappropriate.

At the end of the interview, she said she doesn’t see herself dating. “I just have a lot of friends,” she pivoted, before adding, “My life revolves around my kids.” As for her children, the Jenner children said in a statement that “Caitlyn’s gender transition has brought our family closer.”

Jenner confessed that she and Kris Jenner don’t really speak anymore. And curiously, the Kardashians didn’t offer a comment about her on the special. The interview ended with Jenner saying she dedicated her new memoir “The Secrets Of My Life” to her late brother and father because they were the only people in her family who never got to hear her story.

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