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Caitlyn Jenner is not going deaf, despite two nearly identical reports from sister outlets. Gossip Cop can shoot both stories down. A rep for the former Olympian exclusively tells Gossip Cop the allegation is "100 percent untrue."

The current edition of the National Enquirer has a headline announcing, "Cait's Going Deaf And Falling In Love!" RadarOnline is similarly blaring on its website, "Caitlyn's Hearing Hell! Jenner Leans On New Girlfriend For Support As She Goes Deaf." Both publications allege Jenner is losing her hearing and Sophia Hutchins is helping her deal with the medical situation. The articles are based on paparazzi photos of Jenner wearing what is said to be hearing aids during a recent vacation.

Both stories feature a so-called "source" saying, "Cait's hearing has gotten worse over the years, and she can't hear much without [hearing aids.] She's tried covering them up with her hair, but the beach wind exposed them to the world!" This supposed snitch goes on to say of Hutchins, "Sophia doesn't judge Cait for wearing hearing aids. In fact, she said that she wanted to get a pair just like them when the time comes, which made Cait laugh."

"But," both outlets write in their respective stories, "Cait's fading hearing is no joke to family insiders." Contends the purported tipster, "They're worried that Cait's happiness is clouding the bigger issue — she might be going deaf!" Neither publication specifies which "family insiders" are supposedly concerned. But it doesn't make much sense to first assert Jenner is wearing hearing aids and then maintain she's not aware she "might be going deaf." If she's wearing hearing aids, isn't she being proactive and helping the situation?

No matter, the allegations are largely bogus anyway. A spokesperson for Jenner insists to Gossip Cop that while she does have hearing aids, as is common for people nearing 70, it's "100 percent untrue" she's going deaf. There's a substantial difference between needing audio assistance, which she's actually been using for years and has documented on "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," and suddenly going completely deaf. It seems the sister publications just wanted to be sensational for the sake of attracting readers' attention. In fact, some of the photos featured by the National Enquirer to suggest there's a new problem are actually from 2016.

In addition, Gossip Cop has already busted RadarOnline for wrongly claiming Jenner and Hutchins are dating. The rep actually confirmed last week that they're just friends and the star is single. And we've previously called out both outlets for untrue medical-related tales involving the gold medalist. For example, earlier this year, Radar and the National Enquirer both falsely claimed Jenner was getting foot surgery to reduce her shoe size. Gossip Cop isn't sure why the online blog and its print counterpart expect readers to believe someone is leaking private medical details to the gossip media, but fans shouldn't be fooled.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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