Caitlyn Jenner Has NOT “Always Wanted To Date Dudes,” Despite Report

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Caitlyn Jenner Dating Men

By Andrew Shuster |

Caitlyn Jenner Dating Men


Caitlyn Jenner has not always been secretly interested in dating men, despite a new webloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this story. We’re told it’s completely fabricated.

According to RadarOnline, Jenner has allegedly been hiding a second lifelong secret in addition to having known for years she was a woman. That supposed secret, claims the webloid, is that even before transitioning Jenner has “always wanted to date dudes.”

A so-called “insider” tells the site, “In the beginning of her transition, Caitlyn wasn’t ready to reveal that she was, indeed, interested in men.” The webloid further claims Jenner’s team even strategically leaked that she was only interested in women before the premiere of “I Am Cait,” but it’s all a sham.

The blog’s “source” alleges Jenner’s “kids would have freaked out at the onset if she said she was going to date guys. But Caitlyn has always talked about dating men privately.” The supposed insider also purports that Jenner’s alleged admission about being interested in men has upset her children, who are now suspicious she’s hiding even more secrets. “Her kids cannot possibly think of Caitlyn being in a relationship with a man right now,” adds the webloid’s “insider.”

Gossip Cop wonders if RadarOnline relied on the same “source” who fed the webloid a number of wholly inaccurate stories, including that Jenner demanded the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPYs and was going to be on “Dancing With The Stars.”

Regardless, this current story is wrong. A rep for Jenner exclusively tells Gossip Cop the webloid’s report is not true at all, and that the creative writers at the site are simply “idiots.”

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Caitlyn Jenner has always wanted to date men.


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