Caitlyn Jenner NOT Joining ‘Dancing With The Stars,’ Despite Reports

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Caitlyn Jenner Dancing With The Stars

By Michael Lewittes |

Caitlyn Jenner Dancing With The Stars

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Caitlyn Jenner is not joining the next season of “Dancing With The Stars,” despite a slew of inaccurate reports. Gossip Cop can exclusively shoot down this false claim. We’re told it’s “not true.”

The inaccurate report was published by the New York Post on Wednesday. According to the tabloid, “ABC is actively in talks to land Caitlyn Jenner for the 26th season,” which is just a four-week competition featuring 10 athletes. After noting how both Kim and Rob Kardashian were previously contestants on the show, the newspaper asserts, “While recruiting the trans activist could be a good idea for ratings, we’re told insiders are worried about potential backlash because of her political views.”

And despite the tabloid maintaining its (off-base) report is “exclusive,” the same made-up claim was actually floated just a month ago by the National Enquirer. At the time, the supermarket tabloid wrote, “It’s Caitlyn’s turn on [the] ‘Dancing’ floor,” adding that she’ll “bring drama and glamour to the ballroom.” But as Gossip Cop revealed just a mere five weeks ago, the contention about Jenner joining “Dancing With The Stars” was false.

Still, that didn’t stop the Post or a slew of other lemmings from again wrongly asserting Jenner will be on the next season of “Dancing With The Stars.” For example, the Enquirer’s sister publication, OK!, also picked up the story and opined, “As her show ‘I Am Caitlyn’ is canceled, and she isn’t on ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ anymore, insiders think that this could be a major shining moment for her.”

We would like to meet these “insiders” that all these publications allege they have. Regardless, even though Gossip Cop previously debunked this claim, we still fact-checked the reheated rumor, just in case something might have changed. Nothing, however, has changed except for perhaps which outlets decided to run this made-up tale.

While it’s true Olympians have done well on “Dancing With The Stars” and that the spring edition of “DWTS” will feature only athletes, Jenner will not be one of the contestants. None of our sources connected to the ABC program could confirm the claim. Additionally, as opposed to all the unnamed tipsters used by the various outlets, Jenner’s own rep again assures Gossip Cop on the record that talk of her being on the competition series is simply “not true.”

Actually, the very first time Jenner was wrongly linked to “Dancing With The Stars” was way back in 2015. RadarOnline swore up and down then that Jenner was going to make her debut as a woman on the show. Of course, she first appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair and never participated on the show. Gossip Cop was first to debunk the claim then and we’re still right about Jenner not joining “Dancing With The Stars.”