Caitlyn Jenner “Change Of Heart” Over Kylie Jenner Pregnancy Is Made-Up Story

Caitlyn Jenner Kylie Change Heart

By Shari Weiss |

Caitlyn Jenner Kylie Change Heart


A report claiming Caitlyn Jenner had a “change of heart” over Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy and is now “embracing” her expectant daughter’s major life change was made up. Gossip Cop is told Caitlyn has “always” been supportive of Kylie, despite the fictional claims in this story.

The manufactured article comes from HollywoodLife, which alleged last month that Caitlyn was “really shocked and disappointed” to find out Kylie is expecting. Now the webloid is changing course with its new piece, which is headlined, “Kylie Jenner: Why Caitlyn Had A Change Of Heart And Is Now ‘Embracing’ Her Pregnancy.” After asserting it first heard the transgender star was “taken aback” by the news, the outlet contends it now “EXCLUSIVELY” learned that “Cait is adjusting well.”

For some reason, the new contentions are based on a “source close to the Kardashian family,” even though this story doesn’t have anything to do with actual Kardashians. “Caitlyn was shocked by Kylie’s pregnancy at first, but she very quickly came around and has been extremely supportive,” the alleged snitch supposedly tells the online publication. But if Caitlyn “very quickly came around,” why did HollywoodLies wait more than a month after its initial report to update readers?

The webloid is claiming to have inside access, with the “source” babbling on about how Caitlyn “checks in on Kylie all the time” and has “already bought baby gifts for her next grandchild,” yet the site based this tale off a purported “Kardashian insider” and didn’t have this information weeks ago. Something sure smells like a dirty diaper around here, no? When HollywoodLies tells fans about “Caitlyn’s new opinion of Kylie’s pregnancy,” asserting she’s “on board now” and “embracing it,” the outlet simply isn’t telling the truth.

Caitlyn was “always supportive,” her rep exclusively tells Gossip Cop. It seems these two articles, the old and the new, are just more examples of the publication’s fabrications. We already told readers back in April that HollywoodLife was making up stories about Caitlyn, and didn’t really have sources or insiders genuinely connected to her. It appears that’s still the case today.

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