Caitlyn Jenner Did NOT Change “Back To Bruce,” Despite Transphobic Report

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Caitlyn Jenner Transform Back Bruce

By Shari Weiss |

Caitlyn Jenner Transform Back Bruce


Caitlyn Jenner did NOT change “back to being Bruce,” nor is she only pretending to be transgender, despite a transphobic new claim. Gossip Cop can debunk the outrageous allegation.

On Monday, Jenner was photographed golfing at the Westlake Golf Course in Los Angeles. A longtime golf aficionado, the Olympian spent an hour practicing her swing. And, just like everyone else, she was dressed in typical golf attire.

A photo of Jenner mid-swing was first published by TMZ on Tuesday, and on Wednesday, MediaTakeOut used it to announce, “WELP… That Was QUICK!! ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner Is Back To Being ‘BRUCE’ Again… He TRANSFORMED Into A Male Again.” The webloid went on to write, “TMZ was out stalking Caitlyn, or Bruce, or whatever name he’s going by now. They found him on the golf course WITHOUT CAMERAS… and he/she was wearing mens clothes.”

Gossip Cop could call out MTO here for its offensive pronoun use, but it gets worse. MediaTakeOut continued, “We suspect now that the Season of I AM CAIT is over… he’s transformed back into being a man again. SH… all the REAl transgenders out there should STONE HIS AZZ!!!” And it’s just SO wrong on SO many levels.

First off, Jenner was NOT dressed as a “man.” Like many women do, she had her long hair pulled back into a ponytail, and like all golfers, regardless of gender, she wore a visor and polo shirt. Jenner is pictured above playing tennis earlier this year. Memo to MTO: Women play sports, too.

But the suggestion that Jenner has just been pretending to be transgender is just as wrong as it is despicable. It’s not a costume one simply puts on. And by the way, the first season of “I Am Cait” is NOT “over,” despite MediaFakeOut’s inaccurate statement.

Sadly, Gossip Cop isn’t surprised that MediaTakeOut went this route because it’s not the first transphobic story the outlet has published. In fact, the webloid previously falsely claimed Jenner was “going back to being Bruce again” in early July. Even before that, in April, Gossip Cop called MTO out for wrongly claiming Jenner had undergone gender reassignment surgery, and irresponsibly posting a photo of her supposed new vagina.

It’s not Jenner that has a transition problem. It’s MediaTakeOut.


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