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A story about Caitlyn Jenner staying celibate until marrying Sophia Hutchins is both "stupid" and "untrue," Gossip Cop is told. It comes from the same tabloid that recently called Jenner a "bridezilla." But as we've already reported, no wedding is in the works.

Referring to weeks-old paparazzi photos of Jenner and Hutchins allegedly holding hands, the National Enquirer is now contending "that's as far as the couple plans to go until their wedding." A so-called "insider" is quoted as saying, "Caitlyn and Sophia kiss and cuddle, but they've decided to not take things to the next level just yet." The magazine declares they are "planning to stay celibate" until tying the knot, and suggests Jenner's conservative leanings may be inspiring that purported decision.

It's further asserted that Hutchins shares her "old-fashioned ways," and the outlet goes on to claim that "some insiders are speculating that the no-sex rule could be helping to turn Caitlyn into a bridezilla as the couple reportedly plan their nuptials." At this point the publication regurgitates its made-up story from late July about Jenner being a "bridezilla," at which time her spokesperson told Gossip Cop on the record that there is "no wedding" being planned, and reiterated that she and Hutchins are "not dating."

Jenner herself also denied she and Hutchins are a couple in a Variety interview released in early August, where she instead referred to herself and Hutchins as "the best of friends." Now Jenner's rep tells Gossip Cop this latest tale about celibacy is not only "untrue," but also just plain "stupid." And it's rather hard to believe that any real "insider" genuinely connected to Jenner would really make such claims.

The former Olympian has made clear she does not wish to discuss such intimate matters publicly, and Jenner even shut down Piers Morgan when he attempted to make a joke about her post-transition body. It would hardly be appropriate then for someone supposedly close to Jenner to publicly discuss her sex life with a gossip publication, or any outlet at all. And this tabloid in particular has been wrong about various facets of her world, not just her love life.

Last year, for example, the magazine falsely claimed Jenner would be doing "Dancing with the Stars." More recently, there was phony story in June about Jenner training to become an MMA fighter. The idea that the National Enquirer now has legitimate insight on what she does or doesn't do with Hutchins is hard to believe. And according to Jenner's own spokesperson, the tabloid really doesn't.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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