Caitlyn Jenner And Candis Cayne “Fighting” Over Kris Jenner? (EXCLUSIVE)

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Caitlyn Jenner Fighting Candis Cayne Kris

By Shari Weiss |

Caitlyn Jenner Fighting Candis Cayne Kris

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Caitlyn Jenner and Candis Cayne are NOT “fighting” over Kris Jenner, despite a report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the claim. We’re told the story is laughable.

Not surprisingly, the allegation comes from RadarOnline, which seems to get stories wrong about the Jenners on a weekly basis. In its latest installment, the webloid claims Caitlyn isn’t “ready to completely shut” ex-wife Kris “out of her life — much to the chagrin of new bestie” Cayne. The site explains, “Through a difficult transition, and in the absence of understanding from much of her family, Caitlyn leaned on new friends like transgender model Cayne. But now, as Kris begins to warm to Caitlyn, sources say that Cayne has gotten territorial over her new gal pal.”

“Things started to get tense between them after Caitlyn sat down with Kris. After that, Candis says Caitlyn’s changed and not in a good way,” one so-called “insider” claims. No reason is given, however, for why this is first being reported now when the exes’ sit-down happened at the end of July, as Gossip Cop reported at the time.

That aside, the webloid’s supposed source now says, “Candis still thinks Kris has a hold over Caitlyn because all of a sudden she’s back in her life and taking orders from her — and Candis couldn’t sit back and say nothing.” That’s allegedly led to Caitlyn to take a “stand to let her friend know that she is the boss of her own life.”

The RadarOnline tipster claims, “Caitlyn thinks Candis needs to back off because she’s being really small-minded. She told her she’ll always value Kris’s advice, but she’s wrong to not think she’s immune to Kris’s games. Unfortunately Candis isn’t convinced at all.”

The site goes as far as accusing Cayne of being “jealous” and even suggests the issue could “torpedo the next season of ‘I Am Cait.'” But this isn’t drama for on or off the show. It was cooked up by RadarOnline, much in the same way the bad blog speculated back in September that Jenner and Cayne were “secretly married.” Of course, that’s not mentioned anywhere in this new tale.

Gossip Cop still investigated, and we’re exclusively told by a rep for Jenner that all three parties are “happy” with the respective friendships. Now we fully expect the webloid’s next story to be about a Kris-Caitlyn-Candis threesome.

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Caitlyn Jenner and Candis Cayne are fighting over Kris Jenner.


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