Caitlyn Jenner is a bridezilla, according to a completely false tabloid story. Gossip Cop can debunk the patently untrue report. It is wrong on multiple levels.

According to the National Enquirer, Jenner is "obsessively planning her big day" with Sophia Hutchins. Describing the thrice-married star as "nuptial-nutty," the magazine claims she has "turned into a hell-raising bridezilla as she secretly plans" a wedding with her "gal pal." It's alleged the pair are making "plans to say 'I do,'" while "everyone around Caitlyn says 'I don't' want to be caught up in her insane micromanaging."

"Cait's a nightmare to be around. This wedding is eating her alive," a so-called "shocked insider" is quoted as saying. This unidentifiable source contends, "She's changing her mind nonstop about the venue, the guest list, the dress code, food, flowers — you name it." Continues the outlet's alleged tipster, "Her excuse is that she wants everything to be perfect and give Sophia the wedding of her dreams, but her mood swings and demands have turned the whole process into a nightmare."

The publication maintains Jenner is a "control freak" who is "driving everyone nuts with changing plans," but it's never said just who is "everyone." Furthermore, though this tale is all about purported "wedding chaos," there are no details about when Jenner supposedly decided to get married and when the "big day" may be held. In fact, even though "the venue" and "guest list" are vaguely mentioned, the tabloid has no specifics about that, either.

This is often the case when gossip magazines seemingly make up stories out of thin air. And while the outlet relies entirely on a single anonymous "insider," Gossip Cop checked in with Jenner's rep, who is authorized to speak on her behalf. The spokesperson tells us there is "no wedding," and reiterates that Jenner and Hutchins are "not dating." That would make it pretty impossible for the former Olympian to be a "bridezilla."

Of course, for most of the last year there has been speculation about the nature of Jenner's friendship with Hutchins. The pair are seemingly inseparable, and after Hutchins posted a photo that appeared to be from Jenner's bedroom, many assumed they're living together. But Gossip Cop isn't the only outlet to report that the wedding narratives floating around the gossip media in recent months are untrue. In May, TMZ also confirmed that "rumors they're about to tie the knot are total BS."

The Enquirer is certainly responsible for a lot of the bull out there. Almost exactly two months ago, for example, the tabloid tried to dupe readers into thinking Jenner and Kanye West had "become a couple." While the magazine tends to stretch the truth, if not outright fabricate, Gossip Cop remains married to the facts.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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