Caitlyn Jenner “Book A Bust” Claim NOT True

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Caitlyn Jenner Book Bust

By Shari Weiss |

Caitlyn Jenner Book Bust

(Vanity Fair/Showbiz 411)

Caitlyn Jenner‘s new book is not a “bust,” contrary to a misleading report. Gossip Cop can, well, bust the claim.

As Gossip Cop has reported, Jenner’s new memoir, The Secrets Of My Life, came out last week. The transgender star has been on a whirlwind promo tour across the country in celebration. But late Wednesday, a headline on Showbiz 411 blared, “Dept. of Fleeting Fame: ‘Kardashians’ TV Show Ratings Tanking, Caitlyn Jenner’s Book A Bust.”

“Is our long national nightmare over? The saga of the hideous Kardashian-Jenners is losing steam at last. People may finally be wearying of people who are famous for no reason,” begins the mean-spirited piece. As evidence of the family’s supposedly dwindling fame, the site asserts Jenner’s book has “not rung up big sales in book stores.”

The outlet specifically points to Amazon listings, where the memoir is “stalled at number 296,” while “the Kindle version is at 487.” To add insult to injury, the online publication also contends, “Jenner’s own E! TV show ‘Life with Cait’ was cancelled not long after it debuted.” But all of these assertions are misleading.

The proof that Jenner’s book is a “bust” is focused only on Amazon sales. You know what’s not mentioned? That The Secrets Of My Life is on both the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists. The latter even published a story on Thursday, hours before the Showbiz 411 piece, that announced in the headline, “Sheryl Sandberg, Caitlyn Jenner have USA TODAY best sellers.”

As for the contention that “I Am Cait” was “cancelled not long after it debuted,” that’s another demonstrably false claim. The docu-series premiered in July 2015. It ran for two seasons before it was announced in August 2016, more than a year later, that the show would not be returning for a third.

And those aren’t the only inaccuracies in this report. The article goes on to address “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and its low ratings. It’s noted at one point, “Another plot line not visited yet this season is what has happened to Kanye West, husband of Kim Kardashian.” That’s completely false. Last month, Gossip Cop actually recapped the “KUWTK” episodes that specifically dealt with West and his hospitalization.

The point of this whole story seems to be an excuse to make the largely unfounded allegation that “maybe the end is near for all these people.” There is no disputing the ratings for “KUWTK” have dropped. But the attention surrounding the clan, for better or worse, sure hasn’t. It’s also hard to make the claim their fame is “fleeting” with the flagship show’s 10th anniversary approaching. And while, as this site maintains, some may feel “their disappearance would be cause for celebration,” it would be best not to hold your breath.

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