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Caitlyn Jenner does not "want a baby" with supposed "fiancee" Sophia Hutchins, despite new reports. Gossip Cop can help set the record straight. For the second time in recent weeks, a newspaper website is spreading an untrue tabloid story.

Earlier this month, the site for the Mirror picked up allegations from Heat, which wrongly claimed Jenner was marrying Hutchins. A spokesperson for the former Olympian confirmed to Gossip Cop that, contrary to the contentions, there was no marriage in the works. TMZ later backed up our reporting, noting that while Hutchins recently posted a photo that seemed to show Jenner's bed, "rumors they're about to tie the knot are total BS."

Despite the two debunkings, the Mirror is now continuing to fuel the bogus marriage narrative by referring to Hutchins as Jenner's "fiancee" in a new story on Tuesday that contends the "I Am Cait" star "could become a mother at 68." This time, the claims come from Closer, with the paper alleging Jenner has "reportedly been left feeling so broody after the baby boom in the Kardashian family that she wants to have a child with her rumored fiancee."

Both outlets quote the same supposed source as saying, "Caitlyn's been broody watching all the new babies enter the family, and she knows Sophia's keen to become a mum." Of course, it's unlikely that anyone truly close to Jenner or Hutchins would use "mum" over "mom," given that both transgender activists are American, as are the vast majority of those in their inner circles. Regardless, the purported tipster cited by the publications goes on to claim "they're talking about going down the IVF route," and further asserts about Jenner, "She can't wait to become a parent again."

But had the Mirror or Closer done some research, the paper and the magazine would have seen Gossip Cop has already busted tales of this nature. Sites like RadarOnline have spent the last three years falsely claiming Jenner wants another child, and earlier this year, we even corrected Heat and Star for spreading fake news about her wanting to use Kim Kardashian's surrogate. Every time we were assured that Jenner had no interest in welcoming a baby, regardless of method, at this point in her life, and time has proven our reporting was correct.

Now these latest claims are just as inaccurate as those that have come before them, with Jenner's rep confirming to Gossip Cop that these new stories about having a baby with Hutchins are all "false." It should also be noted that in an interview with Piers Morgan earlier this year, Jenner made clear she wasn't focused on finding love and that expanding her personal life isn't a priority. "Life is very busy," she said. She went on, "I've had three marriages, 10 children, I've got 12 or 13 grandchildren, so I don't think I ever would, no. I don't see it in my future." The Mirror might want to start fact-checking and taking Jenner's own comments into consideration before blindly copying from the tabloids.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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