Caitlyn Jenner “Adoption Plans” Story Is Made Up

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Caitlyn Jenner Adoption Plans

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Caitlyn Jenner Adoption Plans

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Caitlyn Jenner does not have any “adoption plans,” contrary to a new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the story.

“Kendall & Kylie Who? Caitlyn Jenner Jump-Starts Adoption Plans,” reads a headline from RadarOnline on Tuesday. The accompanying article alleges the transgender star is “actively exploring the adoption process in a desperate bid to fill the void caused by her strained relationship with her daughters, Kendall and Kylie.” A so-called “insider” alleges to the webloid that Jenner is “on such rotten terms with her girls,” it makes the adoption’s timing “interesting.”

The site’s supposed source goes on to claim, “She’s insisting she doesn’t need a partner to raise a family and in fairness Cait’s a good experienced parent who’s got a lot of love to give.” This alleged tipster, however, also voices concern that Jenner is too “preoccupied” with other things that “bringing a new child into her world is the last thing she needs to be doing with her life.”

Notably, though, it’s never said just how Jenner has “jump-start[ed] adoption plans” or how she’s “actively exploring the adoption process.” Shouldn’t this “insider” know the specifics? Of course, RadarOnline’s “insiders” and “sources” haven’t been too knowledgeable in the past. For instance, in December the outlet wrongly alleged Jenner was looking for a surrogate.

In that piece, the publication quoted an “insider” as saying, “She wants to go down the biological path instead of adoption.” That obviously doesn’t jive with this latest report, which doesn’t mention surrogacy at all. But the webloid was either lying or fed bad informed six months ago, and that’s the case again now. A rep for Jenner exclusively tells Gossip Cop it’s “not true” she has any “adoption plans.”

It’s also worth noting this isn’t the first time the flip-flopping site has peddled an adoption tale about the Olympian. All the way back in 2015, Gossip Cop busted a story falsely claiming Jenner announced “she’s planning to adopt a child.” The dubious outlet has switched back and forth between surrogacy and adoption repeatedly, and has been wrong every time.