Did Caitlyn Jenner Adopt A Child?

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Caitlyn Jenner Adopt Child

By Andrew Shuster |

Caitlyn Jenner Adopt Child

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Caitlyn Jenner never adopted a child, despite a report from a year ago claiming she was planning to do so. Gossip Cop exclusively debunked the story when it first emerged. Time has proven it false.

On May 30, 2017, RadarOnline wrongly reported that Jenner had “jump-started” adoption plans in an attempt to fill the void left by her supposedly strained relationship with daughters Kendall and Kylie. An alleged insider claimed the former Olympian was on “rotten terms” with her girls and wanted to bring a new child into her life.

The unreliable blog had very few details to back up its story, such as the specifics of her supposed adoption plans. There was absolutely nothing said about what the process entailed. Regardless, Jenner’s spokesperson told us on the record this time last year that the story was simply “not true.” As time has shown, the transgender star hasn’t adopted a kid.

The site’s secondary claim about the reality star being at odds with her daughters wasn’t accurate either. In fact, People recently published an article detailing the status of Jenner’s relationship with the women in the Kardashian-Jenner family. Although the former athlete doesn’t speak to the Kardashian sisters or their mom Kris, she has maintained a close bond with her biological daughters.

In February, Jenner celebrated the birth of Kylie’s daughter with an Instagram tribute to the new mom and her baby girl. Kylie later commented “Love you” on the post. One month prior, Jenner posted a photo of her and Kendall posing with a horse, along with the caption, “My girl loves her horses!” Clearly, the transgender star is on good terms with her daughters. This, coupled with the fact that Jenner never adopted a child, goes to show that every aspect of the blog’s article was untrue.

It’s worth noting, this isn’t the first time RadarOnline has come up with a premise that never panned out. Last year, the unreliable outlet said Kendall was starring in a movie adaptation of her dad’s memoir, The Secrets of My Life. Obviously, no such film was ever made.

In November, Gossip Cop called out the blog for wrongly reporting that Jenner was moving to Idaho to live with her mom. Not only that, but she was said to be planning to turn their living situation into a reality TV show. Neither of those things occurred. One of the common denominators among these phony stories is that they’re easily disproven by time, as is the case with Jenner’s nonexistent adoption plans.


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